We need a new song now

Here’s my idea as a starter, to the tune of Land of Hope & Glory:

Club of Hope & Glory, of Bonser we are free,
How shall we reward thee, just you wait & see,
Higher up and higher, up the leagues we’ll get
Pomlett make us mighty, make us mighty yet
Pomlett make us mighty, make us mighty yet

Just a bit of fun as I am Optimistic again.


Agree, we have to do something Saturday considering its monumental in clubs history, banner, songs … anything!

But @Optimistic not a fan of that one mate gonna be honest lol :joy:

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We are, We are Walsall we’ll be breaking teams underneath our feet ( rag n bone mans I am giant )

Here’s to you Mr Leigh Pomlett
Walsall loves you more than you will know

When we found ourselves in times of trouble
When we wanted to be rent free
Speaking words of wisdom
Pomlett, Leigh

And in our hour of darkness
He’s signing players for a fee
Speaking words of wisdom
Pomlett, Leigh

Pomlett, Leigh
Pomlett, Leigh
Pomlett, Leigh
Pomlett, Leigh
Speaking words of wisdom
Pomlett Leigh

It’d be great if his name wasn’t actually Leigh Pomlett :upside_down_face:


What about hey jude can anyone come up with anything to lyrics to go with that

Paul McCartney


What about to Eddy Grant Electric Avenue:


The new chairman he spends more pence
And a proper club he will run
The pension one day will be stopping
But Chrissy Marsh said get it done, oh no

We gonna build our Jeff a 6 foot statue
The clubs found a buyer
We gonna build our Jeff a 6 foot statue
But Roy wants it higher

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If that statue goes up there’ll be a fortune or be made selling eggs outside the ground.


Just put a club badge on the eggs, charge £5 per egg and all profit goes in the playing budget!

Never one to miss an opportunity, Jeff will probably be selling those eggs too… and why shouldn’t he :joy::joy:

He’s gonna buy a pressure washing business franchise too.

Yet another chance to clean up :joy:

Never mind charging for the eggs, an infrastructure improvement like that is bound to put the rent up by £150k pa

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First attempt…

We can see clear with Leigh now Jeff has gone,
We can beat all obstacles in our way,
Gone are the rent collectors that ruined our club,
Gonna be a bright, bright Walsall FC.

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Hes been to…
Amsterdam, and everywhere, Shanghai and Rome
Hes come back to Walsall, Pomletts back at home
Pomletts back at hoooome


Bit of inspiration from Elvis, Return to Sender:

I sent a letter to the chairman
I didn’t hear jack
But then we changed to Leigh Pomlett
And got a letter sent right back

He wrote upon it

Return to Walsall
Promotions our goal
Stay aways are welcome
Cus Bonser’s on the dole

Our manager’s Daryl
Clarkey at the back
Sinclair in the middle
And Gordon in attack

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Love it ,best one yet :joy::smile::+1:t2:

Think we should have some old songs myself.

Some old standards have fallen by the wayside over the years.

I’ll bring the air horn and the ripped up newspaper.