Welcome to the UTS Prediction League 2020-21!

Evening all and welcome to a new season! It’s not quite as we’d all like and the lack of crowds, home ‘advantage’ etc could make things unpredictable and more up in the air (unlike our football, hopefully!) but it should still be a bit of fun and an excuse to give certain people delusions of grandeur, reasons to have a pop (albeit in a lighthearted way!) at each other and general swathes of excitement, disappointment, desperation and various excuses for why a 97th minute goal at Newport cost someone the perfect 6 pointer!

For those who haven’t played before (welcome - the more the merrier!), the prediction league is basically a little bit of football match prediction fun for our wonderful league 2 that the super Saddlers currently reside in. Here is the basic nub of it:

  1. Choose 3 games from the list of League 2 fixtures for each game week that is published on here.
  2. Predict their scorelines (it can be a home win, away win or draw - however you see the game going)
  3. Make sure you get your predictions in before the kick off times of the games (always stated on the thread) otherwise the predictions are null and void.
  4. You get 1 point for a correct result or 2 points for the correct scoreline (e.g. you predict Walsall 7v0 Salford City, the result is 7v0 = you get 2 points, the result is actually only 5v0 = you get 1 point)
  5. After each week, a table is updated to show predictors’ positions as well as any movement up and down.
  6. The winner is the predictor who finishes top after all game weeks are done.
  7. Prediction weeks include both weekend and midweek fixtures, although there has to be at least a half set of games (so 6 matches being played) to count as a game week.
  8. Any games that are postponed after you have predicted them will still count - I will keep a note of them and when the rescheduled games take place and award any points that are due as and when.

Hopefully that should all be pretty straightforward! Last season’s competition obviously got cut short, but here is a reminder of how things stood when things were brought to an abrupt end:

The first set of fixtures will be posted shortly. Good luck to everyone and may the best man / woman / non-identifying person win!!:+1:


Hurrah! Count me in, JJ.

Great …First season in the league last year and I really enjoyed it to be fair…:+1:

I predict that Saigon will predict that he’s going to win! :rofl:
thanks for running this JJ.
I love it!

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Count me in.

Glutton for punishment. Count me in.

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I think that picture has been genetically modified, i don’t think i finished that low :smile:

My first go at this.


AT least you won’t have @matt_saddlesore copying your predictions until you’re ahead of him. So, about three weeks, then…

Is it true that there is an all expenses paid,fun packed weekend for 1 in Tipton for the winner?

Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And your trip begins

Seven downward slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires
Seven your desires

I am he the born-less one
The fallen angel watching you
Babylon, the scarlet wh0re
I’ll infiltrate your gratitude

For all the sins you will commit
You’ll beg forgiveness and none I’ll give

A web of fear shall be your coat
To clothe you in the night

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Can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that a cover of Brotherhood of mans Eurovision followup song?

That would make a good caption competition.The bear at the front looks like he’s saying," Don’t be fooled. He’s a clerical officer for Dudley Council during the week."

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You should be cowed into fear! Not making light-hearted revelry and playful quips and jests!

Fear, damn you! :ghost:

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No more to cry o’ mortal soul, the astral
Path is now your fortuitous role.

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See what I said,folks?!! :roll_eyes: :joy: :crazy_face: :man_facepalming:

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oh dear - it’s started already!! :dizzy_face:

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I predict I’ll do it the first two weeks, forget the third, curse myself and remember the fourth, forget the fifth and not bother again. On that note, count me in. :grinning:

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