Welcome to the UTS Prediction League

If his Avatar pic is the Bismarck then I presume he’s prepping himself for a poor prediction league…


HMS Prince of Wales, but sunk with Repulse, so bonus points. Posting out of Malaysia so seems appropriate.

And I don’t have ‘poor prediction leagues’, just veering twixt supreme and magnificent.


Further evidence of Saigon’s predictive genius. :crazy_face:

The name of the team kind of sums Saigon up.

I miss the perverted one.

When’s Saigon coming?


@matt_saddlesore - remind where you finished last season!? :wink:

How did I manage to finish 10th?? I think I only logged in once at the start to pick my team and that was it!!




He’s having some time off for a ‘care in the community’ project.