Welcome to the UTS Prediction League

The UTS Prediction League, led by Jolly Johnny, will return in the coming weeks.

Watch this space…

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I will crush Johnny and make him considerable less ‘Jolly’ as the campaign unfolds. At least, that’s the plan!


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The fighting talk begins!

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Better hope JJ joins, then. Just saying…

He did seem keen when I spoke to him about it, unless you know otherwise @Exile?

I’m just stirring the pot! :clown_face:

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I heard that, after two seasons of massive over-achievement, he’d become intimidated by the quality of the competition. Well, some of the competition.



If I remember to enter it every week then I may have half a chance.

Any thoughts on doing a World Cup one?

@SarcasticSaddler That’s a good shout…

There’s usually a sweepstake, which I’m in the process of planning - probably best when this site is fully operational. A prediction doings could well be done too.


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Sweet, let me know if I can be of use in any way. :grinning:

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It will be a sweepstake / prediction hybrid. So 32 players will get a randomly allocated team, say England (hard luck) and various achievements will be rewarded with points - winning, coming second, semi-finals etc, but also highest scorers, most goals in a single game etc. Really bad teams will also get points for finishing as the worst team, conceding the most goals etc.

The prediction element will be making guessing who will win / finalists / semi-finalists / golden boot / wooden spoon / how far England will get etc … meaning that just having the winning team won’t mean automatic victory.

I’ve used it at work and it functions quite well. Watch this space after June 1st, there’s still plenty of time before the kickoff.

Any ideas welcome of course.

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Is this the one that Saigon started on the old channel?
Or is Saigon posting as someone else now?
or am I just missing something here?

Do I get the honour of being on the receiving end of the first Whooooosh?





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I’d thought my first post on this thread would have given the game away. :wink:

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Well I did think that at first but then I saw there was no cleavage in your avatar so I dismissed the idea completely :melon::melon:


I’m sure that will change soon.



It is an image of the battleship “REPULSE” think he is trying to tell us something? :grin:

Good to be back chaps! I’ve migrated!

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