Well done the 100 plus give them a pie

Fair play to the 100 plus fans at Darlington last night. it looked bloody freezing a televised match and returning home early hours of the morning I saw it mentioned elsewhere about the club rewarding these die hards with a pie or a pint think that would be a great gesture


Them supporters that were there last night are absolutely brilliant. Looked like they were enjoying themselves in the corner with the mascot. If we get a big tie they are the ones who deserve to get their hands on a ticket first. I am ashamed to say once i knew it was on the telly there was NO chance of me going.


Complete respect to those hardy souls but if they want a pie and a pint I hope they don’t mind waiting coz these things do take time you know! :wink:


■■■■ ‘em

Daft ■■■■■



Get them all a pie and get the mascot some bird seed

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I don’t think they can cater for 100,not without a couple of weeks notice anyway…:grinning:

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Fair play to the fans that attended, they are real hardcore fans, and if everything ended up tits up with our club they would still be there, well done guys because you have more guile than most of us


With the stories about our burnt pies and flat beer I doubt it would be much of a reward!

Giving them fans free tickets!

Fair play LP and WFC

I went. Where’s me pie ?

Get in the queue…:grinning:

Indeed - mine came in the post this morning with a letter giving a personal thank you from LP and the team. Free ticket for the Carlisle game (I’ve got an ST so it’s for the seat next to me to bring a friend).


Great touch by the club. Couldnt of saw that coming under Jeff which is credit too LP


Have you got a friend Andy…:grinning:

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I may gain some as I’ve got a free ticket to give away … :wink:

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On that kind of note… I always have a spare junior ticket in lower 4, always end up giving too a steward at ticket office too give away too someone…Can anyone make any use of this at some games?

I ay had mine yet :pensive:

Then again, you didn’t get your original tickets on time either …

Definitely aren’t going to bother giving you one :joy::joy::joy::wink:

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