Well Run Club!

Well what a difference a new chairman and fresh ideas do for our football club . Having gone saturday what a difference to last season . I have been fed up of being told by friends of other clubs, the media etc what a WELL RUN CLUB we are and should be happy with what we have got ! For the first time in ages I am looking forward to the matches and we might do things the right way for a change. The club are looking to push on and do things the right way. People like Paul (the dingle) Franks should be told what hes been spouting over the years was bloody rubbish just towing the Bonser line. Come on keep it up Walsall UTS FOR EVER !!!


I posted something very similar on the Early Bird thread, which suggests it’s a common feeling. As I said there, the most striking thing to me is that it hasn’t taken very much. No big-name signings, no free entrance, no Xmas turkeys for OAPs, It hasn’t even needed a massive upturn on the pitch , or a cup run.Just a change in attitude which has resonated. And as you say, a lot of people who should be eating their words won’t be.


This well rum club thing is, and always has been, a myth. Anyone could have run the club like JB, cutting costs, watching gates fall, cutting costs again etc.

An actual well run club engages its fans, maybe even spends a little now and again, all with the aim of increasing revenue to provide a bigger pot to spend.


NO Turkeys!!!..oh dear and things were going so well!!! Seriously though your post is spot on in that all that has happened really is much, much better communication and a feeling engendered that the football side of the Club is the most important and that all the other, very necessary activities,are there to support the team.

Good post SS. Record numbers on the back of a relegation too.

The only change is the one that needed to be made. #timesupjeff