Welsh Saddler

Just as an aside: has any team in the EFL got a better pre-match summariser/commentator/scene-setter and, er, result predictor (100% record this season :smiley:) than Welsh Saddler? The answer is “No!” In fact, he’s so good, I posted this twice :heart_eyes:
Literate, perspicacious, erudite, lucid, perceptive, adroit - and that’s just his shopping list! His pre-match analyses are stratospheric and even more witty, beguiling and engaging.
Come on, folks: let’s hear it for Welshieeeeeee! :innocent:


Well said…I always look forward to his match previews.


So do I. Exceptional.

I bendeth the knee before thee Sir Welshie.

Very good,a bit flowery,but better than just putting down the basics I suppose .

Friday night, and you’ve all been on the pop …:clown_face:



Saves me doing it, for which I’m grateful!

bring back Duke

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I agree entirely.

Top fella.

Always excellent, I agree.
Just imagine if Saigon got his hands on it, I shudder to think!:confounded::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It would be Shakespeare with a Benny Hill slapstick twist.

Excellent read every time Welshie :+1:

Saves you doing it for which we’re all grateful! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great stuff and I love it when he’s below me in the prediction league (almost as much as when I’m above Saigon) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Which, let’s face it, is hardly ever. :sunglasses:

Don’t feel bad though - you’re in multitudinous company. It’s a veritable host. A swathe. :innocent:

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un point wasn’t it last week? :rofl:

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Every point is precious. Every point is beautiful. :rofl:

I take a small crumb of comfort in a reasonably satisfactory outcome last time out. :partying_face:

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You do a fine job Welsh saddler long may it continue!

He loves it :smile: i do enjoy reading them, and often wonder how many hours go into planning it.
Keep em coming @Welsh_Saddler :+1: