We've signed someone!

Joe Slinn.

We’ve immediately sent him on loan to Rushall Olympic.

Literally knew about this two weeks ago and the club announce now to appease fans? Give me strength.

Haha wow. How underwhelming.

I mean, he made two brilliant saves in that friendly until he let an easy one in from that triallist. But I’d have thought we had more pressing issues than signing up 3rd choice keepers to then be loaned out.

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are they taking the………

Slinn pickings… :taxi:


Yes. Honestly ■■■■ them

This is old news! Joe was on loan at Rushall Olympic, from Port Vale, last season. Port Vale released him and he re-signed for Rushall. Walsall wanted a 3rd choice keeper, more experienced than a raw novice apprentice and offered him a full-time contract. He signed it and Walsall promptly loaned him back to Rushall. He is in full-time training with Michael Oakes while playing for Rushall. He is on standby in case of injury to Roberts or Dunn. Rushall are paying a large part of Joe’s wages but get a young, full-time goalkeeper. The arrangement suits all parties. Joe has played in all of Rushall’s friendlies (albeit for Walsall in the first one!), including last night’s 3-1 victory at Coleshill Town.

I know it’s old news but the club have just announced it


Red and White

That’s great i’m made up for him and the club , a keeper for the future or maybe and hopefully wihile training with the first team they turn him into a centre back or maybe if Fryatt take’s a few training session’s with him he could also be able to turn his hand to become a new centre forward

Bowerman could train him to a centre forward also. Another one of Keates backroom staff recruits along with Davies, Oakes, Fryatt, the Chief Scout and Dunn who does a bit of coaching on the side apparently. You couldnt make it up.