As a member and poster of all Walsall FC related sites I am at a loss as to why certain UTS posters look down their nose with contempt at this site ! As I see it the guys from WFHYS actually go to the games and want to discuss the games and all things WFC. Certain members of UTS see them selves as the Sadiq Khan of all that is wrong with our football club but ignore it in favour of a political rant that does not concern them. Just my opinion but is there other members of WFHYS who feel the same contempt towards these people that I do ?

There’s a few on there that talk abit of sense, but the majority don’t :smile:


Errr ok

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But they talk about football and Walsall FC ………………… Isn’t that what a football fans forum is all about ?

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It’s no worse than some of the stuff that’s posted on here at times and there are a lot of genuine hardcore Walsall fans on there who go home and away.


I agree,a Walsall fan is a Walsall fan…And WFHYS has as much right as UTS to post their views on social media,and their views are just as valid…It seems to me that certain UTS posters feel that they are somehow better than WFHYS,their righteous indignation meter goes off the scale when referring to WFHYS


Best ask them? This is UTS. I post on both, and to answer your original query, WFHYS is an instant hit Facebook group, with a totally different target audience. Fair enough too, everyone needs something, and I’m glad they satisfy the need for fans to overreact at the drop of a hat.


For my mind, the only issue with UTS is far too many posters purely posting for the reaction of other posters. This post is actually a perfect example of that - nothing for a while then this little gem.

The level of irony in attacking this board for posters not talking about the football club and then going on a long rant about anything but the football is fabulous.

Keep up the good work :rofl:


UTS posters never overreact do they?

You should read some of the ■■■■ he posts on the Bozo thread :rofl::rofl:

Or for that matter, criticises posters on here for supposedly showing contempt towards posters on another site, then uses the same word to describe ones on here! He don’t do irony.

Never heard of this site…is that the facebook page?

People can have whatever opinions they like.

However, that site is freeeee.

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WFHYS is like a holding pen for the few idiots who escape onto this site


At a guess they probably feel the same way about you?

Just saying!

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Yes. It is the Facebook page mate.

I pop in there. S’alright. But probably my third choice after here and Twitter.

I doubt it as I dont post fake tweets from Rio Ferdinand saying he’s outside the ground, constantly post Clarke Out/Kents In/Wemblee.Wemblee and I actually go to the games unlike half of them on there.

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Maybe your taking life to serious taking offence to it. But I get your point.

Sill up Bontar :rofl:

I use the page and this site and yeah some of the grammar on there is embarrassing but there are good posters on there as well who talk sensibly.