What’s good at the club?


The match day experience is unbearable, only hope is to see decent game of football.


Where did they get that wallpaper from? The 1990 Shop?


The voice of the man who plays the music, announces the team and half time scores.

Has to be the same guy who was doing it back in the '70s and '80s at Fellows Park?


Dave Bathurst,. Was given a long service award in 2012 - and still going strong!


Cheers. Couldn’t recall his name. His voice and announcement are totally intertwined in my mind with the club. On the pitch on Saturday to provide the Barrie Blower tribute.

A nice wit when announcing neighbours’ scores too - if they are losing, crowd cheers, then he says “now now”.


The one I remember is 1988/9 when Chelsea twonked us 7-0 in what is now the Championship. Ever an eye on a selling opportunity, as the game ended he announced to the celebrating Cockneys that videos of the game were available to order! :grin:


Everything of course.


The fact our mates go. That is literally the only thing keeping many of us going.


I go because of memories in the past, not because of the potential for the future. It’s pretty much all nostalgia now for me.

That and gallows humour.


Sad but true :face_with_raised_eyebrow: