What's the point of the DOF

Day 22 and NO incoming signings and a squad that’s possibly worse than this time last year, so can somebody tell me what is the point of having a DOF

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Someone for Pomlett to deflect the blame too, maybe!

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Funny really when you consider that is HIS job for bonzo :wink:

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A nervous time for them hoping to string a few wins rogether during the window and get away with not bringing anyone in.It hasn’t come to pass there can be no excuses.

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Surely surely surely we will sign a couple tomorrow?!

I think they will have to or there’s going to be very few turning up for games , and I can see the atmosphere starting to get ugly .

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It’s embarrassing to say we have a DOF and NOT made a signing but actually lost 2 players, when other clubs ( Stevenage 6 ) and we are on day 23 and not 1, just a rumour Devante Rodney is signing, we have had holes in this squad since August if he can’t see it then he needs to tend his resignation and F%%k off simple

Errrrrr…… to kick footballs at youth players?

Thing is are we saying the we needed a presumably well paid DOF to assemble this collection of players ,
I don’t agree with you need 3/4 windows. If you are up to speed with lower league football you should have a long list of potential players for all positions ,
Waste of of a sizeable chunk of the budget .

Thinking about it why couldn’t McDonald look after the scouting of players he should have a knowledge of players at this level .

You only have to see Stevenage’s results. I think they have won 2 and drawn 2 of the last 4 games. So they clearly signed players who have come in and made an impact. (With a helping hand from us of course)

There are players out there who will improve us, just depends how much we want it. Not a lot I would suggest.

What we most certainly don’t need is just a loan player (we can only sign one on loan right?) who’s a kid. We need experienced professionals.

We can sign as many loans as we like but only 5 are allowed in the match day squad. I’d like to see that reduced to 3 personally but that’s another conversation.

I totally agree, as Simon mentioned on another thread. The season is a write off now but if we can put a few players in place that are good enough and will be around for next season, for one thing we can possibly/hopefully finish the season on a more positive note and the continuity will be beneficial for next season. I doubt the club are thinking in that way though, not a chance.

The club think we’re play-off fodder.

It’s day 23 and nothing, surely he should of had a couple lined up and in the door by now, not lose 2

I’m hoping the recent debacles and the response of the fans yesterday will jolt them into doing something.

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Well there’s only 8 days left, it’s this week or never for this season

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