Whats the real problem?

Anyone have any thoughts? how many managers can we keep blaming year after year must be something else for me.

Investment / how much we pay players / length of contracts.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.


Investment in the top end of the pitch. At this level half decent defensive players are two a penny. We never push the boat out in the attacking areas. When we have in the past it’s no surprise we’ve been successful. Whether it’s financial or whether it’s employing negative managers who care more about not losing than winning, it’s definitely holding us back.

It’s almost like the club have forgotten it’s 3 pts for a win!


I think it’s a mixture of reasons to be totally honest.

Going through each manager.

Whitney - not a man manager
Keats - out of his depth
Clarke - bit unlucky to be in charge during Covid. Didn’t have the support. Eg Adebayo not getting replaced adequately. Not sorry he’s gone though.
Dutton - in charge of a demoralized bunch of players who knew they were going at the end of the season. Never stood a chance.

Taylor - didn’t know how to manage in L2
Flynn - been unlucky with injuries and not been 100% properly supported. Eg DJ. He’s had more support than others though. See how big the squad is. I also think the support is there going forwards.

The million dollar question for me though is whether Flynn can be build a team that plays decent football. I reckon Dutton would have, but the more I see of Flynn the less I think there’s any plan there at all. Eg this season is over, why not use it to improve the team’s passing? But no, it’s constant hoofball.

First 10 games of next season are crucial.


There is no “one” problem. The problem is everywhere and everything connected with the club. It’s about mentality. Where did it originate? I’m probably thinking with our ex-owner, once he effectively lost interest in the football side of things when it became clear we couldn’t sustain championship football and he started to consider that he needed a way out.


In theory those should improve now.

I say “in theory” given where we are and how much players are worth in terms of cost and salary.

I do think football fans demand instant success a little too much to be honest; these things take time and while we are still poor, don’t forget, this is League Two and my own opinion is that we will spend another season down here before we start to see something significant happen.

That in my opinion is the reality of the situation and we just need patience.

Difficult, I know.

And yes, I thought we were dreadful against the Wombles, but I also think we have seen flashes of what could be the future this season too.


Flynn has had it a lot better financially than all managers recently .
He just has spent it poorly
DJ is not a case in point at all , he and Mansfield made it impossible , the board were 100% right to walk away


I’ll just add that it seems whoever our manager is , he will get the blame and certain sections will always demand his head.

This is League Two; crap players and crap managers on the whole.

Who can we get/afford? Who knows but whoever it is, we won’t be happy.


I agree we were right to walk away from DJ, but

  • shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place
  • by any measure the Matt and Matt signings have been a disaster.

I like a lot of fans was happy to have Flynn however I didn’t go overboard like some because he got Newport to the playoffs, it soon became apparent early in the season that Flynn brand of football wasn’t going to be exciting , just my opinion but I’ve now stomached enough of his tedious boring style.


We wanted to buy DJ, don’t forget.

And on paper, the other signings were good ones. Not all “good” signings work even at the highest level.

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If that’s a factor, which I agree it may well be, why are we still so entrenched in that issue four years and two ownership changes down the line? Same systems in place, same people?


I understand but it depends whether he has success. If he gets us into the play-offs or promotion next season, everyone will love him - well maybe not everyone (there are always some who will hate him).


And I’ve already asked on another thread, which strikers were available to sign in January that Walsall should have opted for instead? There may be some, I honsetly don’t know, but Matt and Stevens were about as exciting as it gets here, as far as I, and many others, are concerned. That it hasn’t worked out is due partly to injury and partly to the fact that Flynn’s set up was perfect for DJ.


Because a tanker that is on the wrong course takes a lot, and a long time, to turn it around. I think we are seeing it start to turn, but appreciate that others don’t.


Think I remember the Newport fans saying he will always be loved for getting them to playoffs but we’re glad he had gone because of his style of football wasn’t entertaining . Again my opinion but when I go to watch them i go in anticipation to be entertained a few Whois and arrrs and a few goals all we get now is boos and loud snoring in the oap stand because they’ve gone by byes

Where would you identify signs of turning?

Maybe, but you can count the number of games where we’ve had more than the bare 18 available on one hand. A couple of games when DJT and Allen weren’t in the squad, can’t think of any others. We haven’t had the luxury of leaving players out, more or less everyone fit has been in the squad. It doesn’t matter how badly certain players played last night, they can’t be left out - there’s no-one waiting to come in.

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Good question.

I think, probably in the following areas;

  1. Trivela coming to the club with new ideas and a fresh approach
  2. The appointment of Flynn who, despite current woes, will not have us flirting with relegation, as we have done over the last couple of seasons
  3. The fact that, for a spell, we looked unbeatable and we were all talking about potentially a play off position and perhaps even higher - something that hasn’t realistically been spoken of for some time
  4. Higher wages being paid to players - notwithstanding we’ve not got the right players and/or been unlucky with injury
  5. Our willingness to do a deal for Johnson
  6. The enthusiasm of our support and the fact that we’ve taken some hefty away followings this season, which just proves that, if we can sustain the good form we were showing, the backing is there.

I’ll think of more at some point, those are just off the top of my head. Of course, we had a false dawn under Clarke initially but the rug really was pulled from under him in the January window and only Pomlett, Gamble and Clarke can tell us what actually went on and was spoken about to leave us so dreadfully short of options for that run in.


It didnt take Port Vale 4 years to ‘turn the tanker around’ and they were on the exact same trajectory as us. It took them a year and guess what, all the heads rolled from the previous regime as the relationship with that board of Directors was just as bad as it was here under Bonser.

We are not seeing any changes because the changes that need to be made are not being made. It is really that simple.

I cant beleive I am posting it again. I really need to log out and stay logged out :rofl::rofl: its just insanity to me that some cannot see this.