Who’s lumping on?

About 20 goalless draws to look forward to.

At least 20 of them by DJ?

AI is so bleak!!

Hmm hmm

Lump On (c) @WiltshireSaddler

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Big thing is, will we win 4-2 this season, it costs me £23 a season, that lumping on is.

As for league position, despite being happy with our off season & the progress the club is making, on & off the pitch. I don’t see any reason to lump on for promotion or indeed a top ten finish.

I really really really hope I’m wrong but I don’t see our awful statistic of 3 top ten finishes in 16 seasons, really being troubled this year. It will take either Sadler being a genius or us signing 2/3 quality players tbh. League is tough & really this team is not overly different to last year, pre mid January.

Anyway I’m not limping on yet.

Limping on does seem a lot more appropriate

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Limping on in my case, just getting over plantar fasciitis in my left foot…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::foot:t2::foot:t2:



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I hope that is not the same super computer that we used to do all the statistical analysis on for our summer signings :scream:

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Thinking about it, we probably used an old ZX Spectrum


Have to own up to a rush of enthusiasm when the odds were first posted. 40/1 on Walsall as champions but e/w odds on top 4 finish which equated to 8/1. Had to top up my account with another £53 before wasting £100 !
I have a very poor record on season long betting :roll_eyes:

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Nah. Not having that.

Did we have a decent cup run?