Who’s lumping on?

Had a hundred on a top half finish at 13/8 and 20 each way at 18/1 on the handicap index (+23 pts), both Skybet.
Bought the season points at 62 for £40 per point with Sporting Index.
Can’t help myself :laughing:

Edit - just completed the spread bet and it has gone down to 61.5 points. We aren’t really fancied at all this season


Not a betting man how much do win if that comes in👍

Don’t listen to him @ButtsSaddler
That is how he hooked me :joy: :wink:
The best about it is, i don’t even understood WTF i was betting on? :joy:


@Belphegor will probably land the lot this season now you ain’t having a go mate :smile: if it wasn’t for bad luck you’d have none.


:joy:I’ve got a mate like that. If you put £10 on x combined with 5 point spread on y accumulated with a multi pay tricast on z we can’t lose. Coupla grand at least.

Three weeks later “ how’s the bets going”
“ oh that. Naaaaah waste of money that”

Haven’t a clue what I’m betting on. Greyhounds, football or flies on a wall.

Fall for it every time


£10 :joy: i wish i had only put ten bastard pound :joy: i could have gone to Lanzarote for fkin week :joy: :wink:

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Let us know what you’re doing so we can clean up by doing the opposite, please…


I only generally bet on singles. Doubles upwards are multiplying the odds of losing.

The first two bets are just singles, one bein each way.

The one Chunkster is referring to is a points spread bet and is variable. I bet £40 a point at 62 points.
Scenario 1. Walsall end up with 68 points - I win 6 x 40 = £240 (68-62)
Scenario 2. Walsall finish with 57 points - I lose 5 x 40 = £200 (62-57)
And so on……
What could be simpler :wink:

The season that @chunkster begged me to let him in on the bet was the Taylor / Flynn season, which of course didn’t end well, especially at £60 per point, however, at least his carbon footprint was reduced that year :smile:

This year will different though :grin::sunglasses:

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See post above mate. The spreads are variable but the first two are just fixed odds so stake x odds
EW on the hcp bet is 1/4 first 4.

£60 a point :joy:
I’d never forgive you.

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I don’t think he has :wink:
TBF though, it’s change to the chunkster. He spends that on dodgy looking shoes

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I have mate but stay clear of San :joy: :wink:
And my chiropodist calls them shit kickers :joy:

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Have you considered the amputation of your extra toe ?


How’s that work? Do you have to pay the £40 a point upfront cus that’s a lot of upfront cost and recoup as the season goes on for every point we make or is it like a debit card profit/loss taken end of season ?

If you haven’t got a credit account then you deposit an amount to cover so much of the liability.
The spread is updated after each weeks results allowing you to cash out or add money should you need to.

Having confidence in the super Quantum powered AI computers now in existence, I will be lumping on based on this

For those non-betting types, suggest you spend Saturdays down the potting shed

I’d say they are about correct to be honest. But good luck :smile:

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Hmm. According to that we’re playing Colchester at home on Sunday 3rd September rather than the day before as our fixture list says. Do they know something we don’t?

Nearly doomed, I think that is what they know !!

But we beat Wrexham @ home on 29th December as our incremental progress

I think we’re going to have to cherish each and every one of our 22 goals!