Who's available to replace Adebayo?

If he leaves this week of course who should we be looking at? My opinion is he has to replaced properly if he does go maybe a loan on a decent wage at least until the end of the season.

Don’t worry, Lalkovic is available.


Gordon will take over the lone striker mantle. In his absence, it will be Lavery or Reid.

We have no punters coming through the turnstiles on matchdays.

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Jayden Reid for this season.
Properly? Oh sorry, wrong thread then.

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Neither do other clubs I’m suggesting we use some of the money not all of it we have to replace him for me

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What money? Have we sold a player?

When and if

Kyle hudlin from Solihull moors would be good I reckon

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Is he the 6ft 9inch geezer??

What other clubs do in this regard shouldn’t concern us. They’re all going to have to plug this financial hole at some point or other.

It would be, in my opinion, irresponsible to splurge an unexpected windfall, and savings in ongoing costs, when members if the club’s staff are furloughed, or have lost their jobs.

I want us to have a Walsall Football Club to support five years from now.


Yes that’s the one. Saw him play. A right handful. Mind u they would want a fee

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Thank you. The voice of reason & sanity right there.

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A transfer fee will be coming in for first time since I don’t know when so part of that must go to paying wages for four months for decent loan player.

I agree in short run Wes-Flash-Wright isn’t terrible but it takes one injury and it all falls apart and Gordon’s already missed two months of the season and results already dipped a fair bit in that time.

Edit: I understand your concerns EF and of course have sympathy with people losing their jobs connected to the club but hopefully months away from having some fans back into Bescot so this feels a bit different to nearly 12 months ago when staring at black hole.

Of course this season will be just about giving the season ticket holders in to see a game or two if 2k is allowed in from say early April but hopefully early next season some pay on the day fans will also be allowed to watch so I don’t really see a huge cashflow issue.

One way or another the club have survived 12 months without any matchday income and it won’t be another year without any fans inside the ground. Hopefully.

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If we sign anyone (and I don’t think we would) I would try to get someone like Afolayan on loan from West Ham. Used to play for Solihull I think.


Agreed if it’s 100 grand that wasn’t shall we say expected to be coming in part of it should be used to replace his position at the club like people have said other clubs are signing players which cost wages per week so why can’t we I don’t buy this crap that we will have no club the government know how much it means to a community to have a football club within it they’ve helped before and they’ll help again.

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Wilfred Boney!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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He scored in the cup yesterday didn’t he?

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I think that you’re forgetting that the club budgeted to have fans back in the stadium from last October. That money never materialised. Also, as LP has stated, the “bail-out” was anything but.
Therefore, with money only going out of the club at present & no chance of getting fee paying punters through the doors for footie or functions, any extra money received should go straight into the bank & stay there until needed.
As for the Government. Don’t delude yourself that they’d use tax payers cash to prop teams up. It simply won’t happen (in my humble opinion).


What’s Leon Clarke up to these days seems to have gone off the radar

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I’m currently watching football on my television in the middle of a pandemic if the government didn’t think it helped people’s mental well being and give football lovers and there are millions of them some interest everyday they’d have stopped it therefore they know how important it is when done in a safe manor as it is being done now they’ll help if it came to the crunch.