Why do we support walsall fc

General curious as to why because we definitely don’t do it for success factor .

For myself it’s simply my dad supports them and as child that was enough for me to fall I love with them as I wanted to love what he loved.
Then because we are generally terrible the very few Highs we have feel so good I get a proper buzz that lasts forever unlike what you’d get with the continuous success of big teams.

What’s your reasons walsall fans any interesting stories?


Becuase im from Walsall and it was a 10min walk away from my house.

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This is a question I ask myself quite often and it is getting harder and harder to come up with a good enough answer to justify spending the best part of £400 every year.

My 12 year old daughter just asked me the same question…my answer was ‘if I could change, I would’ :see_no_evil::sleepy:

My first ever game was Aston Villa vs Arsenal in 1996, taken by a Walsall supporting Uncle. This was followed by my Dad taking me to Aston Villa vs West Ham in 1997.

Boxing Day 1998 was my first live Walsall game and I was taken by a Wolves supporting Uncle who took me to Walsall as it would easy to park, and to get away after the game, whilst being able to take me to Maccies after. The rest is history and I’ve subjected myself to the ups and downs since!

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Similar to your story Sephiroth92. Totally because of my Dad. I just wanted to be like him, I didn’t care about the football when I first started going. I had 25ish years going with him, home and away pretty much every game. It has never been quite the same since he passed away but obviously, I am way to far gone and emotionally attached to stop now. There are times when I don’t go to a game I feel a sense of guilt and that he will be looking down on me. For all the downs we have had over the years, honestly, I wouldn’t change being a Walsall fan for anything. It has been such a big part of my life and I have met so many great people.

I’ll be honest during lockdown I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. I wasn’t a regular viewer on Ifollow. I have kind of got the buzz back because my youngest Son has really taken to it now. I really just want him to see some kind of success, but I guess he is going to have to learn the hard way bless him. He was gutted we couldn’t go to Carlisle on Saturday, I looked out the window when I woke up and thought “thank god we aren’t going” !


Grandad was a Saddler, Dad is a Saddler. Then the small issue of us being by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.


Why not?

My dad and his 2 brothers used to take me when i was about 7? then i started going on my own with mates around the age of 12 and got hooked.
I have had some unbelievable times as a Saddler and no one can take that away from me, but although Ken Weldon and Terry Ramsden had their chequered past, i always felt that they wanted the club to succeed.
We saw some great times under Bonser, but he was moving towards another aim, and if we succeeded while he was making money then he was happy, and it is HIM that has been the cause of our ultimate downfall.
I don’t know the details of the LP takeover, but it isn’t working and although it bothers me, i am not as cut up as i would have been 10 years or so ago.
I watch the games on ifollow because i am still interested, but i don’t attend anymore because i feel that i would be throwing money at a failed regime, and one that i don’t feel any affinity with, like being mugged off :grin:
I feel that Walsall fc has had it’s time for now, and until they can cut ties with Bonser. Pomlett, Mole, Gamble and more than anyone Wally and all the other dinosaurs, then i just can’t be bothered anymore.


As a kid I supported Walsall because that’s where I was taken.

As a teen I supported Walsall because we were in the Champ or had Paul Merson (that didn’t last long as a draw granted).

When I was in my 20s I was a Walsall fan because various mates would come along for a cheap day out and football and socialising lead to some brilliant nights.

I’m a Walsall fan today because I love the club.


Just about sums up my Walsall story.

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Or are you still in love with the club they USED to be? :wink:

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When I’m out at 8 in the morning, clearing snow off the car and desperately trying to get out of my tight road with ice on the street, to pick my mate up in time to get to Carlisle, following a three hour drive, only to skid straight off the road, think sod it I’ll just wait for the reports to come in for this one and we inevitably lose one nil, the club it used to be.

When I’m jumping around, grabbing the strangers at Port Vale, pointing and shouting at teenage trouble makers in the other end enquiring “Oo ar ya?!” At the top of my lungs, the club it is today.


Went with my dad and brothers as a kid . Once it’s in the blood i could never support another team but you can stop attending so much due to a lack of ambition as I have done previously.


‘Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed’

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Because I could walk to Bescot in 5 mins.

Dad took me to my first game when I was 2. I always enjoyed it. Even on freezing cold days there was nowhere else I’d want to be on a Saturday afternoon. On or just behind the wall, slightly towards the railway end on the popular side at Fellows Park.

I actually think I fell in love with that place rather than the team. It’s hard to explain because it was ostensibly a dump. But the feeling I got as the turnstile clicked, up the steps, emerging at the top of the bank overlooking the corner of a beautiful green playing surface, then walking through the Streetend - youths in position by 2:15 in the middle at the back, then down the steps as the Streetend shrunk into the opposite corner of the pitch, then round the corner and up some steps as the Popular side grew in stature, through the gate where dad said you had to pay more for a few seasons, along the crush barrier that marked the open bit at the front from the double apex roof at the back, under the crush barrier to take my place on or behind that wall, watching as more people either trickled or flooded into and through the Streetend, looking to my left to see how many away fans had travelled, players warming up, the low roofs carrying sound whether that was one bloke giving the linesman advice or three hundred chanting from either my left or my right and me trying to work out the words, the players up close, sometimes touching the ball, looking straight across the pitch to the dug out then afterwards climbing over the wall and walking around the edge of the pitch to the sound of military marching music, over the wall at the corner of the Streetend, amongst the last to leave the ground as cups, wrappers and fag ends litter the empty terrace, down the steps to the left of the bank and seeing steam coming out of the dressing rooms as men either congratulated or berated the showering players, then out of the ground onto Wallows Lane knowing that regardless of the score and whether I could feel my feet or not, I wouldn’t have wanted to have been anywhere else and chips for tea - always chips for tea.


Out of loyalty to my home town and wanting to be different from the Man Utd glory hunters I grew up with in the 90s

Please, don’t shoot me.
WFC was the best name from all Second Division clubs in 1998 in one computer game. I don’t have familial or geographical connection to the club, but with years club became more important to me.
Or because I never choose the easy option and when you think about the club, easy is not a word you’ll use.
On the side note, you know it’s bad, when you see such topics on the forum.


Tbf the “it’s local” reasons are the best and most honourable reasons to do it.

Me, I was born and bred on the Chuckery. My old man’s a Saddler, his old man was, I am and my lad will be forced to be whether he likes it or not.

Them is the rules.