WPM Meeting Minutes - 6th September

Latest minutes up in what must be a record time of just over 3 days! :crazy_face:


Good to read that things are back to being marvellous down at The Bescot. All done and dusted in 30 minutes as well


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I love Graham’s piece, everything’s rosey :rofl:

Industry wide my ass. I’ve been to 2 boxing events recently, one had 7k and the other 20k,one off events and the staff shortages wasn’t a problem for them. Beer and food was served no problems. They really do feed us total nonsense.

Feel a bit silly for all of my criticisms now, I can see everything is rosy.

My humblest, humblest apologies to all concerned…

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Thay looking though rose tinted glasses

Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya……

Everyone hold hands :raised_hands:


Glad everyone at the clubs happy it’s all fixed! Looking forward to an excellent trouble free season now starting with a drink in the stadium suite before and after the game Saturday…