Yet another season in league 2

How do you feel sadler / saddlers fans ?
What do we need to change next year to make the play offs?
Where would you focus recruitment?
Would you change how we play?

Deflated and gutted are the 2 words i feel at the minute


It’s upsetting having come so close, but this was always a year of laying foundations and I think we’ve done that

I think we are well placed to challenge next season in what will be a weaker league 2 than this year. I think who we sign in the summer is very important. Our own strikers are important for me

I think going up would have led to a season of struggle in league 1 and perhaps if we can have a season like Stockport with a lot of points it would be better for the club in the long term to remove some of the negativity around the Bescot and give the club some momentum


3 strikers 2 wing backs and two new centre backs

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Just don’t think mat sadler cuts the mustard to get us of this shitty horrible league , but saying that what do I know ,The squad isn’t far off what we need ,Think the new owners have bought progression quite fast really so fair play to them ,with ROK on board now and things moving forward maybe it was a bridge to far to soon

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But happy with another season in L2. Congratulations.

You do know you can’t just invent phrases and attribute them to posters :joy:


Deflated but quite simply we are not quite good enough this season. We’ve had four games to cement a playoff place but lost three of them.

However, I’m more optimistic for next season than I was this time last year. We have the building blocks in place with good, young players signed up. We do need to make sure we sign the right attacking players for next season now though.


Worth a go :joy:

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Below reasonable expectations, but not by enough to go into next season with a different manager.

I’m still not sold on Sadler. I think this season has been held up by a good run of form, rather than a good quality side but hopefully with a couple of additions that changes.

I also think the same can be said about Trivela by the way. They came in as “accelerators”, well you need to actually go somewhere to accelerate. It’s all well and good putting a lick of paint in a garage and bringing over expensive beers from America, but the quality of player, and fit for the side needs to improve significantly next season. A lot of the top performers were not signed by this current management set up (and giving Sadler the benefit of the doubt, recruitment was meant to be a group decision). If you can buy other football clubs and faff about with CEOs and so on, it’s time to improve on the pitch.


Chances were there in what is already a poor league to get in the play offs. Not a Sadler in fan myself, but i guess he deserves the summer to put together a better team. What i will say and i maintain it, he’s had a much better squad to play with than the other managers we’ve had since we got relegated into this shitty league. No excuses for me next season, we need to be there or thereabouts from the off

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Immensely disappointed that we haven’t been able to gain a place in the play - offs.
Looking forward to building from a position of relative strength.
I’ll really miss Tom Knowles next season. Not the greatest or most consistent but, he gets us.

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Just gutted. Absolutely gutted.

The football gods kept throwing us lifelines and we conspired to spaff all the great chances up the wall.

Another season in this god forsaken armpit of a football division


A step in the right direction - just not as big as a step forward as it should and could have been.

Recruitment needs to be focussed and decisive. Improve the quality, cut the dead weight, leave no gaps.

But mainly, big lessons need to be leant by the backroom staff. Both tactically and in mindset.

Theres a foundation to work on, but only if things keep progressing and don’t plateu.

Ironically grateful, think we would have been embarrassed in the playoffs, and if by some miracle had got promoted, this squad would have needed major investment, way beyond what we have ever seen before.

I’m not as convinced by others that we are as settled squad wise for a further kick on next season. Defensively we look shambolic at the moment, two CBs are on loan, one is injury plagued and our captain has frankly become a liability.

RWB has to be resolved, it’s been a gaping whole since the Summer.

Does our midfield have a promotion look about it? It’s probably the most stable element of our team, but I do think it lacks that bit of quality needed to really push on.

Our strike force, well you may as well throw the baby out with the dishwater as we will be starting again from scratch there I reckon.

Work to do over the Summer.


I expect us to be in the mix all season. Happy with the progress this season but we have to kick on next.


Need to thonk long and hard about who we retain, defensively we a just not good enough, still feel around 9 players will be needed. Can’t get to sentimental on some, my feeling is that we will need-
2/3 defenders
3/4 Strikers
He needs to decide whether or not Johnson is going to play a serious part if not we need to move on, then there is the defence…quite a lot to do if we want to be serious contenders next term.

Folks remember next season the league won’t be as strong as this (depending teams spend what they haven’t got btw)

And we will be six points better off as Vale have been relegated


A miracle we were in this position after the first half of the season, so whilst it’s disappointing and we should easily have been in the play offs in the end given we have dropped points in numerous games we shouldn’t, I’m very optimistic as to what’s being built.


I see this year as year 1 of a 3 year plan under Sadler.
Year 1 significant improvement, laying the foundations for the future a top 10 finish and a learning curve for a rookie manager.
Year 2 Some quality additions to add to the quality already in the squad. Bigger investment in the team from Trivela and finishing in top 7
Year 3 A further improvement in the results by the now experienced Sadler and the best squad in decades achieves Automatic promotion.
Am I happy about throwing 6 points away against Notts County and Bradford in games we did more than enough to win? No
Do i feel we will be promoted by 2026? Yes