Youth/ Reserve Team

I know theres a thread on this but couldnt find it.

A big song and dance was made about us getting our reserve team back, but every time it pops up on FB it seems weve taken tonkings against amateur teams.

It seems like our once good academy that was axed then resuscitated is now back the rocks again?

Because they have picked up the losing mentality from the first team, now all the dressing room walls have been taken down :grin: :wink:

No its because most of them are very young. Our youth team is comprised mostly of 16 year olds playing against lads sometimes nearly 2 years older. There has clearly been a big turnover in players and hopefully we may see the fruits of that in a couple of years.

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Just because they might be a bad as a team (or rather, not as good as the teams with more mature players that we are playing - as @WalsallOne points out) doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t decent players with a future.

BTW How’s Maher getting on? We saw a brief glimpse of him in the pre-season game against Palace in which he made a decent impression, but he’s not made it to even the bench since despite our current lack of options up front.


Academy football is not for results. It is, or should be, for developing youth. And only for this.


Looks like he was training with the first team last week

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I notice from the news story on the OS that the U18s have finally managed to not lose a game - at the 10th attempt! Another corner turned?


It looks like this young man has enjoyed some very interesting times in his formative years; good luck to him and let’s hope he goes on to fulfil his talent with the Saddlers.

Doesn’t help they have virtually no staff, and their physio was recently poached by Albion.

So the reserves (youth team) are losing yet again, and have had a player sent off!
How can the club move forward when there is nothing in reserve?
OK, the first 11 shows signs of improvement, but that’s a smoke screen to all the problems around the squad as a whole.
And what of Michel Llera, the youth team manager? He must be totally disillusioned after his young charges did so well last season.
This is a question for Fullerton at the fan’s forum.

They released most of them

Youth Team haven’t been making the grade for some time, almost all are released each year, with only one or two being offered deals (which often don’t last).

Sign of the way the club infrastructure has been degrading over the past few years, despite all those transfer fees being invested into it :thinking:


9 consecutive defeats from 9 games seems like consistency to me - it’s the draw in the 10th that has spoilt it! :laughing:

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Miss the days of Mick Halsall

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