10 games in

How are we seeing it so far? bit dissapointed myself was hoping for us to be in the top 7 and start well.


Undecided. Strikes me that we were very pleased to have a low turnover of players from last season despite that squad being distinctly mid table. Think we’ve improved, but not significantly enough to bother the Play-Offs.


With the form we showed and the unbeaten run before it all went tits up , the settled formation ( to an extent ) and personnel I was expecting us to come out this season all guns blazing , but sadly with games coming thick and fast I think the manager has tried to change things to try and keep our small squad as fit and as ready for the next game .

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They’re honest and work hard and so can’t fault that but they are no better than last year football wise. Bang average team imo.

From what I’ve seen of the other teams so far, it"s all pretty much meh with not much between sides - a league where a bit of nous from the manager can add that little bit extra to win more than you lose (or draw in our case).

We don’t look to be in any danger of being in a relegation battle, but need to get into a bit of a run if we have any aspirations of challenging at the other end rather than just treating water.

I think once DC calms down again and stops the incessant tinkering EVERY game, and limits it to just the odd tweak when necessary, we could be in with a shout of at least being in the mix when we get to the sharp end of the season.


Ugly win tonight but much needed.

Simply have to build on it and perfect opportunity with next league game being Southend at home who are a non league outfit in all but division they play in now.

After that aways at Cheltenham and Newport which will be very tough but you never know with this team.

The season has been o.k so far. Would be good to win in the cup aswell and get some more revenue into the club.

What would everyone’s first choice team be now? For me Holden has gotta play central wether 442 or 4231 . 5 at the back is tosh and never worked for us

Until we start scoring more than 1 goal a game on a more regular basis, we’ll remain in mid table mediocrity accumulating more draws.

We’ve only scored more than 1 goal in a league game 3 times in 10 games. Top of the league Newport have achieved this 7 times in 10, Cheltenham in 6th have achieved this 5 times in 10.

We look solid enough but I always feel we have that 1 lapse a game in our defence that’ll mean we’ll more often than not need 2 goals to win a game (I realise we’ve won 1-0 tonight by the way :rofl::rofl:)

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We look tough to beat despite giving away silly goals, but seem to struggle to win games.

And I think that’s what will cost us in terms of being a mid table team and a top 7 team.

And I don’t think the 3 games a week is helping, couple of injuries and we look a little light and the likes of Adebayo look absolutely wrecked despite him being fantastic every game.

All we’ve got to do is turn draws into wins, like we did tonight and we’ll be more than fine.


We are not good enough simple, our forward play is not fluid enough. We score goals yes but they seem to come out of nowhere at times.

Very rarely do we say great goal, or great build up.

Oh and with Roberts in goal we have absolutely no chance of any consistency. I can see a team that is now harder to beat , but I don’t see all that much improvement on last season.

Mid table for me.


10 games in, we’re a solid team, hard to beat despite giving so many goals away but don’t have that spark up front to have a go at promotion

We’re what, 3 points off play offs atm? If we can stay in and around these positions for the next couple of months and carry on improving as we did last season, get Flash back to full fitness then we might sneak a place on the play offs and pick up momentum when it really matters - if you look at most succusful teams in the play offs, they tend to be the ones that pick up momentum later on in the season rather than being the team that was consistent all season and just missed out, something we all know too well about

On the flip side though, we may just be bang average and see the season out as we are but history suggests that DC’s teams get better as the season goes on

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Problem is we know what these players are capable of, we watched them last Season they are not going to improve.

We are getting results through how we set up rather than ability.

Facts remain, we continue to concede awful goals When placed under pressure , and we are toothless.

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I like where we are, a few points from the play offs with six months of the season left to play.
The football has not been the best but we’ve not been turned over by any team we’ve faced, including Sheffield Wednesday.
With one of the lowest budgets in the division, we are doing alright. I believe we are going to get better as the season progresses.

I think that’s harsh when you consider the improvement of Holden and Adebayo compared to this time last year.

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Ye get that, but they have already show improvement and we are marginally further forward.

Who else is there that could improve? Or become a possible game changer?

Loads of potential in the squad, whether they realise it or not is another question.

Let’s not forget that you don’t need to be particularly special to be in the play-off pack. In 18/19, Newport County lost 15 games and still finished seventh.

If we manage to start turning those draws into narrow victories (accept that it’s just as likely to go the other way) then we’ve got a decent shot at being in and around the play off chase.


Game of opinions I suppose, but for me I can’t see it. Trust me i wanted to see it but some of the performances so far this season have knocked the stuffing out of me.

Now had we been in a position to add to the squad in January , I may be a little more optimistic.

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Wes not hit the heights of last season so he can improve, Gordon still to come back, DC having a fully fit squad and being able to play players in their natural positions (not that I have much faith in that) eradicating errors - I think there’s quite a bit we can improve on that’ll make a big difference

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i was first too slate Ada last season at this point. looked a lost boy on a pitch who couldnt win a ball in the area for a tall bloke and lost the ball under his feet. Same kind of situation with a fair few tbf inc holden and norms. But credit too all them and DC they look differnt players. Ada wins most his air battle and some of his little flicks and touch’s show the confidence oozing out of him. Great too see. Saddler has improved Scarr and jules no end, such a better option than clarke who in my eyes is just a pull a shirt defender, all tho scarr deffo gets into his man for the tackles


Jules has shown decent improvement I think and now needs a run of being undroppable in whatever position he plays for next 10 matches, ideally at CB.

Perhaps him and Sadler will turn out to be the best CB combination now.