2018 Club AGM


Meeting started 9.08 a.m.
Meeting ended 9.13 a.m.

S.Gamble (Chief Executive)
R.Whalley (Director)

A. Morris (Auditor)

S.Davies (representing the Supporters Trust)

Apologies for absence (all directors):-
J.W.Bonser (what a surprise!)

Accounts accepted and Messrs Gilman & Bond re-elected to the Board.


What a farce (as usual).


WTF :rage:


Comedy classic!!! It’s right up there with " Only Fools and Horses" Dads Army, Blackadder, Rising Damp, actually uncle Jeff would make a great rigsby. If only Mole the clown could have been there!! Not a dry eye in the house.


It’s the other way around. There seems to be a comic character based on him.


The club web site claims start time at 9.00am. Clearly these extra 7 minutes could have made all of the difference to the in-depth considerations on the clubs future which must have happened.

Micky mouse would be embarrassed.


The tea doesn’t make itself !


Is there any wonder people are getting utterly fed up with this now?

Over the last 12 months I have defo hit my limit, its a farce.


There fixed.


Absolutely spot on! " I’m considerably richer than yow "


And people expected what exactly??? :joy: the owner and his entourage are a complete ■■■■ take of a joke, just vote with your feet like some of us already do, they will sit up and take notice if there isn’t enough money to pay the rent.


" Morning everyone" just enough time in this little meeting to say …what a lot of money our Chairman make’s .
See you all at the next one where we’ll probably discuss maybe increasing the rent


The hair , the accent , the way he’s dressed …it is Jeff surely …:rofl: