2024/2025 Matchday Ticket Prices


Prices frozen for last year… if you’re a member.

Otherwise they’re increased.


An inventive pricing structure that rewards the loyalty of.l membership and incentivises purchasing in advance of matchday. No complaints from me here.

The Pallet Track stand and the BAT fabrications away stand.
Are these new sponsors or have I missed something?

At least we don’t have W#lv#rh#mpt#n on our ground any more!

What is a pre-sold programme? How does that work? Can i still rock up and buy one?

I assume they either post it to you or more likely you pay when you preorder on line then collect from the ground when you get there?

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As long as i can still turn up and purchase one off the bloke. All this bloody electronic on line pre- purchasing faff gets on my tits :rage:


No point in the membership for me to save a £1. Especially as I’d probably only attend 10 or do matches. That’s if we are competing in around the top. If we are lower mid table something like that I doubt I woukd attend any

The membership fee provides money to the club ontop of the benefits of membership which could be a positive way of looking at it. Perhaps if they gave everyone a break down of where the membership fee is going or a choice the member could pick ie, Academy and Development / Sports Science and training / Scounting & Transfers you might feel more value for moneym

I think membership should be £90 or like a subscription style fee ?£15 a month and enhanced with;

  • Replica Shirt
  • Scalf / Hat
  • 15% off items club shop / 25% for under 18s
  • 10% off ticket price for any game. Free friendlies.
  • Free entry to EFL trophy games (Should be the case for ST holders too)
  • 20% off a friends ticket maybe 5 - 10 times a season.
  • Priority for away tickets after Season ticket holders.
  • 20% off club events like meet the manager.
  • 10% off Drinks and food on a match day.
  • 10% off the early bird price for the next seasons season ticket.
  • 10% off FLEXI ticket.
  • age specific incentives like kids souvenir pack and half term clubs.
  • All the same stuff you get with the current plan, Locker badges etc.

That’s a very good package and might appeal to some. Well done to the club on the differential between member and non member admission to the ground. For casual fans like me you certainly don’t feel forced into becoming a member

Would my fantasy membership plan appeal to you? I think it would sell over 1k.

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I’m happy to meet you at every game you attend and buy you a beer, coffee, pie or whatever you would like.

Glad they’ve fooked off


Interesting ‘The Blues’ are £37 too, makes our £17 for the pre-season game against them look great value.

It doesn’t.

You obviously completely missed the point of the article.

Fleecing football fans is the norm now, but when there are people that defend it, it will just continue to get worse until the average man/woman, family can’t afford it at all.

I wouldn’t pay £37 to watch us play Blues or Wrexham in a league or cup match out of principle, it is just wrong.

I notice they backtracked at Wolves on the price rises after the fans kicked up a stink about it.


Taking advantage of the fact that football is so popular now.
I read an article very recently (but can’t find it now) that said that attendances at football matches had increased all over Europe, but particularly in England.

From memory, L2 was the 14th best supported league in Europe, with L1 9th (may have been 10th).
Can’t remember where the Championship placed, but presumably in the top 5, with the PL being the second most popular, just behind the Bundesliga.

No wonder Sky wanted to do the deal with the EFL.

Its a shame that long standing fans are now being priced out.
I remember as a kid, my paper round enabled me to watch a match every Saturday, always Walsall if we were at home, one of the other 4 local teams if we were away.

No chance a kid could afford to do that nowadays.



I think all games should be priced the same, no category a or AA etc. People should boycott higher priced games until something is done about it.

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Glory hunter

I agree.
I also think that there should be an agreed percentage of seats (for home and away supporters)
available at £20, or thereabouts.
There should certainly be a maximum for travelling fans at least.

I understand that with most clubs, especially in the Championship, losing money, that capping prices will be unpopular with owners.

I really don’t understand why PL clubs, who make an absolute fortune from broadcasting income, cannot sell their tickets more cheaply.

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My mate takes his daughters to Argyle games for £5 a ticket in the Championship, didnt we have free kids season tickets up to recently?