3rd round

Bolton away

About as cack as it gets

I wouldn’t bother sending a team to the replay


Absolute rubbish.

Tickets will be cheap if they plan on shifting any!

Seriously underwhelming and disappointing to be 2nd out of the hat.

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Rubbish draw. We don’t get any luck with cup draws these days.

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The FA Cup is dead, I have no idea why people still harp on about it.

The first 2 rounds are dead and poorly supported, the big teams put out reserve sides when they do come in and we have absolutely no luck in the draws anyway!

The romance is just about still alive for non-league sides - just.


You could tell that with the Woking reaction to getting Watford.
It was a case of “meh”.

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Tend to agree, however, if we were to draw a Man City/Man U/Liverpool etc. at home, the ground would be full.

At least we have an reputable and well supported route to Wembley through the Check-Trade Trophy…

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As always, 8,000 ‘genuine’ Walsall supporters would be clamouring for tickets!

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We’re on a win win, Sunderland replay is our third round we’ll probably get a bigger crowd at Sunderland than we would at Bolton. If we did happen to beat Sunderland it’s a bonus.

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Too much tension (not ), second ball out and s***te.

Ain’t the prem teams allowed away draws?

Blackpool are lucky buggers, if they play properly they’ll beat Solihull and get to play Arsenal twice in the season!

Not bad for a club with even less home fans than Walsall and who hate their owner even more. I guess their boycott will be temporarily lifted.

54k if we win replay and I know there are a lot of ifs, but 135k for beating Bolton!

I duno i think it is close :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not even close. Up there it’s visceral. Remember, fans have been sued, one sent down and the Oyston have been judged on the High Court of illigitimately stripping the club of millions - their Premier League windfall.

The NAPM* boycott will continue, no doubt.

  • ‘Not a penny more’

Considering they took less than 5k to Wembley for a Play Off final I don’t think so!

Fair play to em - they aint happy and they stick to their guns! Would take similar action to get any change at Walsall.

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Just being a bit of an old git for a minute. What’s the point of any of this??
Much of what I read on here is along the lines of this thread. Clearly there is a huge problem with home and away attendances. Some of our home crowds this season have been beyond the low water mark of the early 80’s.

The Checkatrade is a farce.
The FA cup is finished.
Presumably if the FA Cup is finished, then the League Cup is not even worth entering.
Then there’s the league?

Personally I think we’ve got a very “supportable” team and manager. They are clearly doing their best, and have exceeded most people’s season’s eve expectations. I’ve been to a few games this season and have enjoyed them all. The football’s been decent, the results likewise. We have some likeable characters in the team and some good players. I havn’t yet had to resort to the “I’m only going for the beer” mentality which has been resorted to in more season’s than I care to remember following this club.

So many people seem to have reached a point of no return this season its really weird.
I get all the genuine issues that are touted on here and I agree with most of them and contribute to the threads. But is it really so bad on the pitch?

I’m looking forward to Sunderland away for obvious reasons, and if we win that game it will be a famous victory even if they are in our league. Then onto a new year still in the FA Cup with a winnable tie. We’ve played 7 cup games this season, won 4 drawn 2 (one of them lost on pens) and lost 1. Can’t honestly see what more Deano and the team can do.


It’s more down to the club’s approach to the fans over many seasons. In a general climate of a slow shift (outside the premier league) of closer fan engagement we haven’t moved beyond ‘get them in at 2, sell them a beer and pie if they are early enough, get them out by 5’, ignore any complaints.


Nail. Head.