90 minutes from Europe book


I’ve got his other books so will be looking out for this one. Will it be on sale in the club shop?

Yes, but they’ve run out of most sizes. Now only available in XXXXXXL and XS.


the first one wasn’t from memory so I doubt it as they won’t get a cut

Should be an article in the programme this Saturday about this publication.

I was given both as gifts so don’t know where they were purchased from, but thought I had seen at least one of his in the club shop? They do sell (or have sold) Saddlers related but not club produced books.

Have ordered my copy from Waterstones, looking forward to it. Great memories

And that is all we have left :sob:

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We’ll be back chunk to make more.


Have you got a high-viz drawstring bag to keep them in perpetuity ?


David Perpetuity?


I didn’t realise that the advertisement had already been agreed at the start of the season. I thought it was done because we had reached the semi final.


Yes it was done early pre season and when the cameraman rocked up they had a job to put a first team together hence Garry Pendrey posing as a keeper! A reserve second left.


I recall the airline company’s colours were red white and blue which led to us wearing blue shorts with our , (at that time), usual red and white shirts for the photo. The second strip was the famous blue shirt and shorts with Deeley’s Castings emblazoned on the front. I remember that I had a red, white and blue WFC scarf from that era, might still have it somewhere. Don’t want to seep into another thread but I preferred the blue to the green.

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I am pretty sure the kit on the picture is the 1982/83 kit, which we did wear blue shorts with for one season. I was fairly young at the time but I remember thinking it was great we changed to blue shorts. As a kid you don’t have any sense of nostalgia or tradition.

I remember reading that a member of the PR company had to stand in as a player, as so many of the team were still on their hols.

Pre-ordered a copy of this, collected it on Friday and finished it over the weekend. Good read, with lots of first-hand accounts from former players.

Great to see ’90 Minutes from Europe’ get a mention on here

The book is available from a range of retailers. Just follow the link to pitchpublishing in the post by @Killer78

Hope all those who read it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it


I still have my red, white and blue scarf. My son’s teddy bear, naturally a paw Walsall fan, wears it.

Thanks. Glad you liked it :+1:

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