A message from the defending champion

Just a polite note to say:

Don’t bother signing up unless you can handle another season of abject failure and disappointment.

Particularly The Sheep shaggers that are Shrewsbury & Exile, The Hassle Man, Shita, R&W and 1349, all of whom had delusions of grandeur last season, come to mind.

As for MatthewSorebottom, Chunky,and Manchester, Saddla et al, :joy::joy::joy:- say no more.

The rest - pah

Mr Jolly is excused as he does a fantastic job and I hope he can finish second.

Would also be nice to see some clever clog types have a go just to show how unclever they really are ( you know who I’m talking about)

Off to gird my loins :smile:

Lots of love
Belph xxx


The Dorada especial black been on offer tonight ? :rofl: :wink:

I may have to take the @matt_saddlesore approach this season :confounded: NOT :grin:

Good luck mate and well done :wink:


Have never done this but would welcome a brief explanation of what is involved. Cheers.

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It’s simple.
1/Predict three scores from any League 2 game i.e. choice of game is yours
2/ 1 point for each correct outcome,e.g. home ,away,draw.
3/ extra point for any correct score
4/ feel smug when @Belphegor goes into meltdown. :wink:


Predict 3 games per session.
Endure the noisy banter of some arrogant predictors.
Watch me win.
Again and again.
But unlike some, I don’t go on and on about it.
I just win.
And keep winning.

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Nothing from JJ … and as the last season just tailed off …

Which means I’m still the reigning champion elect,
and even if I’m not,
I’m still the best.
Something that everyone knows and respects.

Thanks.I assumed it must be quite a simple format if @Belphegor has won it.


Last year was an aberration Hull, because I didn’t finish as champion or runner-up. I was on the cusp of wresting the lead from Belphagor’s grubby mitts, but the season ended prematurely and denied me that opportunity / eventuality.

PS If Manchester comments on this thread, don’t listen to him. He is so consumed by jealousy and hate that he has frankly lost all control and sense of perspective / reality.


Never played before. Might give it a go this year, in it for the win.

Gotta be in it to win it. Where do I sign-up?

Happy to help take down our Eastern fan. Again. He’s gone for good having run a streak of luck for a number of years.

I actually finished above Matt SoreSaddle and he still hasn’t come to terms with that.

I love it when a plan comes together.


This is bullying, pure and simple.

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Wait a couple of weeks then see who is winning, then wait until said winner has posted their predictions on a saturday and just copy them as your own predictions :smile:




:man_facepalming: :deaf_man: :no_good_man:

I would. Like you to. Withdraw that comment or. You will be. Hearing from my legal representatives.

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Ah, I see. Sounds like a plan. And then just before the end of the season, they get a surprise visit from a pair of KGB operatives who’ve heard ‘that Walsall has a world-beating art gallery that is even more impressive than Salisbury Cathedral’ and hey presto @chunkster is the new champion!

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As a previous champion I reserve the right to re-enter the fray purely to confirm my superiority over @Saigon:wink: