Accrington Stanley (A) 13th April, 3pm


it was much worse in the past remember Barnwell and his side getting absolute dogs abuse on a regular basis coming off the pitch at fellows park the fans would be waiting for them foaming at the mouth lol.Also players used to get far more stick in the 90s i sat in the family stand for a couple of seasons and heard allsorts shouted at certain players stuff you would be banned for life for these days and todays bunch cant take a bit? shows how weak modern players are.

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At least we haven’t got a manager as universally despised as Barnwell was.
Keates, Whitney and even Merson had given us some good moments.
I’m struggling with Mullen, mind.

It was impossible to hate Merson and his players that much.
I haven’t got enough hate for 52 players!



I’ll always remember Mullen for that 9-man victory away at Brighton.



Whatever happened to Micky Adams?



5-2 at home to Southend aswell, get him back in charge for Friday!



And 14 players on the pitch!



OK, I get peoples opinions, just that I was personally ashamed of some of the so called drunken yobs supposedly making out they were Walsall fans.
The abuse of real fans that clapped the team for at least being there was appalling, fan against fan, it was almost like a UTS forum!
The REAL issue is that at home it is like a morgue, not a dissenting voice to be heard.
Make your voices heard at Fridays defeat!! Make the real culprit (should he be brave enough to attend) and the puppet Board members, cringe with embarrassment. Make it loud enough for the telly and local news reporters to see that we are NOT ‘a well run club’.
We’ll see if anything actually happens or whether another tea & cakes approach makes any difference!



So you were angry about the fans who were angry because other fans weren’t angry enough … and then go on to criticise the home fans for not being angry enough???



Has @Worsul4eva statement made you angry ?:joy:



I don’t know who is angry at who anymore!



We should be angry at Bonser, but once again he will get away with it.
The players are not solely to blame, if any out there have ever played football, you know that however hard you might try, if you are playing in a team that’s crud, you will all appear equally crud.

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Bonsor is at fault for many things. The players not looking arsed, and having the nerve to give the fans some back after paying and travelling to watch that pile of steaming horse ■■■■, isn’t one of them.

I’d imagine Bonsor won’t escape criticism if they produce a similar display this Friday.



Sorry mate you appear to be looking for excuses for the players current lack of appetite for the team, club, fans and the shirt itself…

Most on here agree that Bonser is slowly but surely killing the club we love and the sooner rid the better but the players ‘couldn’t give a ■■■■ attitude’ is 100% about them, not the owner or anyone else…

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Not looking for excuses for the players at all, they have been crud for longer than we care to remember this season, in fact the worst displays in Walsall shirts I have seen for a VERY long time, and I have been following the saddlers since the early sixties, so I have seen some awful teams in my time. What I do disapprove of is the shameful, vile attacks on our players, as they trudged off on Saturday.
Like I have said above if a team is crud from top to bottom, no amount of effort or mental attitude from any individual players, no matter how hard they try (ie Kinsella & Dobson on Saturday) will stop the whole team from being crud. But all the players received the same amount of furious verbal assaults from that drunken hate mob, I am ashamed to be a Walsall supporter after that incident



Yet presumably you want that “drunken hate mob” (they told a couple of players to ■■■■ off for God’s Sake) to turn up Friday? Cos god forbid somebody has a pint and tells the players exactly what they think after a season of nothing performances.

I must have missed Dobson and Kinsella trying hard. They were part of an 11 than catagorocally didn’t try. And Dobson was the captain of it.



I wasn’t at the Accrington game but when even the manager says the players deserved the reaction they got from the fans then I think that sums up how awful they were…

I don’t support a ‘foul-mouthed rant’ in front of players or more worryingly (in my opinion) in front of other fans kids etc but they are footballers mate and used to a bit of stick now and again…

I think there’s a lot being made on here about it by a few posters but in reality, they are professionals and should be able respond appropriately (that said, they should also know how to play football too and respect the shirt but recent events prove they can’t do that either…)

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I think it will be a very poor attendance, if 5/600 Southend fans, who also think their team is relegated, turn up it might creep up to 4K.
We are all sick of the non performances, everybody thinks we are already relegated, so in effect nobody is interested any more because MOC will have little choice but to pick those who have so blatantly let us down.
Nobody likes a drink more than I do, and I was certainly not impressed by much that I saw there on Saturday, but I would direct my disgust at the real culprit, these inept, useless out of their depth players are human after all and that display from the terraces could not have been a pleasant experience for them, deserved or not.
If you were one of that team would ‘you’ give your all on Friday had you been on the receiving end of that on Saturday?



Yep. I would.

Because A) like Nicky Devlin and the manager have said the criticism of the players was justified. B) that’s what you are ■■■■■■■ paid for and the reason you are a professional and C) Id want to stay in League one for my own profile regardless of what I think of the fans.



Season ticket holders will be counted whether they are there or not…



Be honest, if you have ever played football you know you wouldn’t, it’s human nature.
Wish our fans would have given the players an ‘Ipswich’ reaction rather than the verbal abuse they got.