Add a player to this squad


Being greedy I pick three
One of the best defenders we have had in my 50 + years as a supporter. Stan Bennett
Colin Taylor superb winger
Alan Buckley brilliant goal scorer


If we are all having multiple selections I will have dann alongside Forbes and rambo alongside the Cookie Monster. Mean at both ends of the pitch :grimacing::grimacing:


Martyn O’Connor - a true leader of men


Martin O’Connor this midfield lets teams walk through it at times.


I think it would have to be Bernie Wright alongside Andy Cook - purely for guaranteed entertainment.


Joe Broad, the ultimate professional. Followed by a generous serving of Peter Hart and Willie Naughton.


Definitely Adrian Viveash - no shadow of a doubt. Never seen a player look so up for a scrap if any of his teammates needed defending or backing up. I swear the fastest I ever saw him move was when he ran the length of the pitch when a punch-up started in the opposition penalty area!


Stan Bennett


A sensible head would pick a defender for this team. Any one of Dann, Viveash, Ritchie or Padula.

Would love to watch Peron though. There’s only one…


Defender? Graeme Forbes, or for our elder brethren - Albert McPherson

Striker? Tony Richards

This thread could easily develop into “Your favourite all-time Walsall XI” … :wink:


Ned Kelly up front again gives me goose bumps…!

Andy Butler right now - saw some stat that he has the second highest number of clearances in League One this season - awesome defender and just what we need right now.


The Buck. 20 plus goals a season guaranteed, and if they tried to deal with him like defenders did then, we’d be playing against 9/10 men every week.


David Preece, the best I have seen playing for us.


Add in Samways. Nothing dramatic but the tidiest player I’ve ever seen in a Walsall shirt. Can’t recall a misplaced pass.


Tony Barrass what a defender would run through brick walls


Ledesma. Almost certainly wouldn’t help us, but what a player.


Bernie Wright with Cookie up front…I can just see it now…defenders phoning in sick…and Wright and Cookie squaring up to each other every 10 minutes…:joy:…I’d pay Bonsers pension fund good money to watch that.


Okay, you’re on:


Demetriou - Bennett - Ritchie - Mower

Merson - O’Connor (Capt) - Preece - Peron

Buckley - Kelly

Subs: Ince - Dann - Viveash - Samways - Taylor C - Leitao - Richards


Based on the players I’ve seen at the club…


Demetriou, Dann, Butler, Henry.

Sawyers, Chambers, Merson.


Bradshaw, Deeney.


A mouth watering team that. Would you choose Mower over Henry or Padula?