Add a player to this squad


Using only players I have seen:


Marsh (really struggled with this one)

O’Connor ©


Subs: Etheridge Roper Keates Fryatt Butler Peron Bradshaw

… I’m joking of course. Aranalde left back.


Matt, or Tony ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tbh matt Richards probably the best free kick taker ive seen at the club!


Matt Richards. Took so much stick from people for no reason. Decent player. Remember him being quality in his trial game vs WBA. Scored a beauty if I remember correctly.


Matt of course…not! Tony Richards - Walsall legend.



Andy Butler at the back

Jeff Peron in the middle

Rambo up front - him and Cookie would scare the crap out of any defence


Chuck George Kirby in as well and the bloody pigeons would leave town.


Yes, Kenny Mower is a legend. Henry and Padula are better technically but Mower did the business over a number of seasons, not just one. And the 1983/84 side played some of the best football I’ve ever seen from a Saddlers team,


Did you ever see Shakey? What a left foot.


Before my time i believe. Saw wrack score a couple but Richards was most consistent


There were some great players that era .


Colin Harrison (he’s one of our own!)


Maybe put Taundz in - it would at least divert attention from our current full-backs regarding crapness.


It strikes me that what they need is a leader at the back - someone to bang heads together and organise things. We have had defenders who had fantastic ability (Dann), or workman-like reliability (Roper), or toughness (Barass) etc. but what’s needed is a hard as nails leader. In all the years I’ve been following them, I’d say there were three individuals who I’d want in that defence; Grahame Forbes, Adrian Viveash, or Andy Butler. Forbes was an out and out hard as nails old fashioned defender - and terrifying to boot, if I was playing alongside him, shear fear would make me give 100% every game! Viveash was tough, but also had a great team ethos - I’d feel like he’d have my back whatever I was up against. And Butler was just a natural leader who gave 100% commitment and wore his heart on his sleeve - remember him celebrating with us when we avoided relegation on the last day of the season away at Southampton.


If we looked back at some of the real class acts that put on a Walsall shirt over the years …

if only you could put them altogether in the same team all at once i’m sure we could of beat anyone in any division


being greedy Graeme Forbes would be another for me hard as nails that bloke.


All these great defenders mentioned so far
(it’s clearly on people’s minds)

But I would kill for Tony Barras and Richard Green at the back now.
And remember, they often didn’t get in the first XI.


Reading this has just reminded me of that - what a bloke and what a day


One of my top ’ shiver up the spine’ moments as a Walsall fan. I still get one every time I think about Dean Keates’ equaliser against Swindon, or coming out of Wembley tube station and seeing all the Saddlers fans on Wembley way.


Julian Joachim - he was brilliant when with us even if he left under a cloud