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Tony Barras What a hero he was at millennium stadium in play off final


For me it has to be Butler
Always gave 100% dominant in the air, a leader and he really bought into the club never forget his celebration at southampton away and also remember bumping into him at the play off semi final and got to have a chat and he was genuinely devastated to of not scored in the final game of the season to of got us up.


Yeah remember singing when he was there ( who put the ball in the dingles net Andy andy Butler )


Mower , Padula and Henry have been mentioned as left backs but what about Danny Fox ?


Tony, Tony Barras
Tony Barras In The Air!!!


He was good - but not a patch on Padula in my opinion - the best left back we’ve ever had while I’ve been watching them.



Demetriou Dann Butler Henry

Sawyers Merson Corica

Fryatt Leitao Bradshaw

Ahh man, we’ve had some right players


Good team not sure about corica


Ronnie Ekelund
Walter Otta


Alan Buckley - my hero growing up!


Lee Holmes and sack Ismail off, him and Jarvis on the flanks, provide plenty of assists!