Adebayo signs

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Apologies this has only just got through & has clearly been covered in the transfer rumours thread!

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The lad deserves his own thread Wilts, Christ we had one for Russell Martin…


Just looked him up on wiki christ look at what hes full name is try putting this on a form when they ask form your full name Elijah Anuoluwapo Oluwaferanmi Oluwatomi Oluwalana Ayomikulehin Adebayo


Not going to judge him before he’s kicked a ball but let’s hope Clarke has done his homework and hopefully found this was a one off…

Great! Sounds like a scene from Mike Bassett. Let’s hope he has learned from that experience. Nothing so far to encourage me to renew my season ticket. Let’s hope by Christmas it can be on my pressie list.

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Hopefully with Fulham releasing him he has had the kick up the arse he needs to realise making a career as a pro isnt that easy. Should be a big reality check and by the sounds of it he has all the ability there and could be a real asset for us if correctly managed.

Looking forward to seeing what he can do



Lots of fans are underwhelmed.

We need to remember though, that we are a div 4 club with (allegedly) a mid table div 4 playing budget.

Clarke is going to have to polish a few turds in order for us to succeed.


Will need Akinfenwa shirt to fit that on!

:grinning:offer here

To the tune of rock me Amadeus…

Adebayo Adebayo
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Adebayo.


I’m not welcoming Doffer…he can ■■■■ off :wink:

He’ll have a hissy fit in a few weeks and publicly resign :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I will welcome the lad because anyone willing to come and play for us deserves a chance and respect, untill they prove otherwise, but the cynic in me is thinking, are we signing these players that are being rubbished by other fans that know them, because of the budget that has been set by bonzo? has he got DK in and said “there is the money, there is the set up, the training ground, now prove yourself” like a bit of a sink or swim scenario?

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:grinning:offer here,

I have been to rehab, prison and now I am in sheltered accommodation.

I am a changed broken man…

No need to worry


More goals than vowels in his full name will do the trick :wink:
I know he’s not one striker, who departed recently, but I believe with right guidance, he can be better.

Clarke knows what he’s getting.

We want to improve him as a player and as a person, and hopefully he’ll be a good asset for us.

Not thought much of either signings made this week. Got rid of a striker that scored double figures league one for one that got single figures league 2.

And I’m not buying the same old budget excuses. If that’s the reason we need to spend more, end of.


Hardy could become a first team regular, think this guy will just be initally back up on the bench (given his lack of experience in senior football).

Similar to Josh Gordon for first few months of last season and then he took his chance and become regular from February.

The club is about 10 players short of a proper sized squad for a 50 game season so would expect that amount of signings to come, 5 probably punts and 5 (I hope) reasonably proven players in league football like the two in from Bristol Rovers.


Spot on.

All I could find was this -