"Adjacent games" on a Tuesday night

Some matches on tonight that will affect us…

We are already down to 8th place as things stand, with all teams being awarded a point!!

In the key game Barrow v Gillingham, Barrow have only named 6 substitutes - injury problems?

There are also Championship games which could possibly come into our orbit (optimist!!)

Rotherham United (already dead and buried) already a goal down at Coventry, 5 min. EDIT, now 4-0
Also Sjoke, Sheffield Wendy and Blues are playing.

Hull City 1 Birmingham City 0 (25 min) which puts Blues level with Huddersfield in the mire…

Leeds Utd 1 Sjoke City 0 (33 min) … Sjoke now in the bottom 3

Mansfield Town 1 M K Dons 0 (15 min) … EDIT … now 1-1 (20 min)

As an aside Jon Guthrie has scored for Northampton tonight in league 1. They are losing away to Peterborough 2-1.

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See “Where are they now” … :wink:

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Barrow 1 Gillingham 0 (40 min) … puts us back in the play-offs, in 7th place.

Bradford City 0 Doncaster Rovers 1 (41 min) … doesn’t really affect us, but still … :wink:

168 gills fans at Barrow tonight having made the 6 hour journey from kent.

Good following that. I don’t think we took that many up there on the Tuesday

Ronan Mayer puts Rushall 1 up .

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I guess Bradford losing would knock them back as one of our potential playoff contenders, so Donny winning would be the favourable result.


Yeah that’s my take Doncaster to beat Bradford
Want Mansfield to beat mk
Barrow v gills 0-0 or maybe a barrow win
Morecombe v Crawley - we want a draw I suppose
Grimsby to beat afc Wimbledon

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Barrow vs Gillingham i would have thought a draw would be the worse outcome. We drop out of the play offs then. I’d prefer a Gillingham 2 goal win to put Barrow’s goal difference worse than ours then and we’d still be in front of them

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In a weird way, it could be better if we dropped to 8th, as they would both be closer to us in points (both on 55) than if Barrow win and we are in 7th, as they would go up to 56 points.

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But if Gillingham win, Barrow are still on less points than us.

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Yeah I hear what you’re saying it’s a tough one to call as whether we stay in the play offs in the short term doesn’t matter it’s trying to get beyond these teams over the next few games and what gives us the best chance of doing that and looking up to 5th and 4th and beyond.

Outside the playoffs ? Sadler out!


They would, but it would put Gills on 57 points so 3 points ahead of us. With the odd game in hand still for a few, it skews it a bit, but I guess it’s down to whether you want teams to stay closer to us points wise, with respective games in hand, or if you want to just maintain a position (this position could ultimately still change for worse after another game or two though).

Watching the game Barrow look half decent not impressed with Gillingham.

Barrow 2 Gillingham 0 (55 min)

That big lad upfront looks a handful