AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


Got my ticket and I’ll be there!


So will I


Couldnt go due to work but i bought a match pass for ifollow.

Going 2-0. Cook and Ferrier.


Wombles 0 - 3 Walsall

About time we put the sword to someone. Cook, Ferrier, Gordon (strikers feast!).



Quaint idea I know, but…

Is this match on the wireless?
Or is it 2h devoted to Tonka sniffing Franksy’s used mankini?


A long range shot then!
PS Hope you are right with the result


Its too much trouble for Radio (big clubs only) WM,if you listen to the phone-in its the same people every night.They must have a hotline to the like’s of Eddie, I’m sure they must phone him up and say “what time do you want to come on tonight Eddie”?


It’s live commentary on radio WM. Programme starts at 7:00pm with commentary at 7:45pm


Horrible fixture this one , I would happily take a draw.


I think they are doing highlights of the dingles season so far.And discussing how important that 1 point from six might be when qualifying for the champions league and tempting Ronaldo to Wolverhampton.


Walsall live commentary??? :astonished:

Are Wolves Under 6 Girls not playing tomorrow night?

Surely there is a speedway fixture they can commentate on instead?


Another 2-1 to the lads.

We always seem good for one lapse of concentration, but luckily we always (so far) seem capable of scoring more than one goal a game.

See you all at the ground!


We’ll get a hard earned point from this, 1-1, Cook for us. It’s a nice feeling being optimistic before every match - love this team!


Cancelled due to the centre-forward’s birthday party, I understand


God, Tonka the Plonker does my head in.


Would it be better if his name was Tanka? :smiley:




Anyone know if there’s a way to listen to local radio when you’re outside of that area? It doesn’t let you listen to live sports online usually


In fairness WM cover many of the Walsall midweek fixtures, listened to 6-7 last season. Rob Gurney does a good job.

How much is a match pass on I Follow?


£10 but that is to watch the game live