AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm




having said that i pay£45 a year for the commentary. when it is working :unamused:


Of the 4 teams above us, 3 play tonight (Peterborough, Portsmouth and Barnsley) - all away from home. If they lose and we win, the terrifying thought is that we would be top of the table!! (Sunderland play tomorrow, also away) :open_mouth:


Nose bleed time! :dizzy_face::top:


Looks like I’m going…


Can really see this being a hard game, Wimbledon have also changed there team from last season and are looking very good, will be an interesting game to say the least,
Only went to about 8 games last season but can see me doubling that this season,
Feels good to get some entertainment for it money


Aslong as we can score then we’ll be fine. They’ve only scored once so far this season.


Stuck £30 on us to score 2 or more. If anyone can break their solid defense down surely it’s us. £108 if it comes in! Came in against the Gills so lets see if I can do it again. COME ON ME BABBIES!! (really not expecting this one to come in but my luck the past 3 weeks has been unreal!)


Although a hatful of goals from us would be fantastic, a 0-0 will do nicely thank you very much.


Quite nervous about tonight as you can’t judge a team until 10 games in, we are looking strong


Starting XI against AFC Wimbledon:





Substitutes: Dunn, Kinsella, Kouhyar,Sangha, Wilson, Candlin, Gordon.

Looks as though Ismail’s injury needs more time…


Wimbledon yellow card, 3 minutes … (Wordsworth)

Early goals elsewhere …

Plymouth Argyle 1 Wycombe Wanderers 0

Luton Town 1 Southend United 0


16 minutes … SUPER SADDLERS 0-1 !!! Kieron Morris, assist from Andy Cook


Very happy for Morris - seems to have more confidence than the past few seasons. The goal was the Morris of old.


Morris has looked really confident, that cracking strike will do him the world of good.


Blomin ek! a goal up away from home, the mind boggles, last two seasons it was a matter of how long can we hold out for a point, with this team we have the audacity to score first!
Can’t wait for my first match on Saturday after a litany of work commitments recently.


After 22 minutes we’ve had 5 shots on target - that in itself is a new feature this season!!


Half time and we have the lead 0-1.

Annoyingly, Barnsley and Portsmouth are also ahead, so we stand 4th in the League One table as things are … but 4 points ahead of those outside the play-off zone, and a comforting 7 points in front of the relegation area.


Things you never thought you’d live to see… Wimbledon fans complaining we’re too physical.

Wow, just wow, this is a proper blood and guts battle. Last season we would have been 2 or 3 behind by now but my god there’s some steel in our boys this year!!!


probably mean’t in open play :thinking: perhap’s:face_with_raised_eyebrow: