AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


Walsall substitute - Kane Wilson on for Kieron Morris


Wilson played a part in the build up to the goal


Yellow card for Andy Cook - excessive celebration (like he cares???)


Yes , looked a bit upset when Ferrier scored and got the crowd singing his name


Cook booked for winding up the home fans - what a man. Pleased he’s got on the scoresheet. What a season this is going to be


3-0 :hushed:


“Hope that chills him out a little now”

Why? I like him angry…


Anybody heard from Oxford Don?


Gew on dip yer bread


We we’re tipped off he was a wind up merchant , we got to see the behind the goal celerbration with the pen alty he scored with the tongue out :stuck_out_tongue:


Give Gordon 10 min!!


I intended to watch the game on my PC at work but some numpty Dingles supporter (yes there are some in NJ :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:) scheduled meetings - bummer!!! Whoever is at the game - are they playing well?


We just can’t keep a clean sheet!!! 1-3 …. play for time lads!! (88 minutes)

Josh Gordon on for Andy Cook, 85 min


In the Ibis Stare Miesto if you fancy a Zywiec… (tomorrow)


Full time, and a very welcome 1-3 away win. Well done to all !!!

Attendance 3,887


can we stop saying it’s early days yet???


Sorry, I only Zywiec with blokes to whom I’ve been properly introduced (plus I’ve never actually been to Poland in my life.)


I meant towards himself. I got the feeling he was maybe trying to hard and it was possibly impacting upon his game.

I find it hilarious how he is with opposition fans and when he gets annoyed with team mates it just shows how much he wants to score and win.


I don’t mean tonight though :joy:


Shame. Zywiec is the best beer ever - in Poland. Apart from EB.