AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


I’d much rather us win and concede than not concede and draw 0-0, but I can’t disagree that a clean sheet would be nice.


Yep, becoming a little bit of a worry.


A really good victory…some luck for sure but you make your own luck sometimes. WM currently praising our Goalie…we are looking strong down the spine at the minute. Well done everyone.


Not really a worry, the past two have been late on when fatigue has well and truly set in and we were 2+ goals in front, neither impacted upon the result, something special is happening…


Have I died and gone to heaven? I’d love a clean sheet, too but, Hey! this is turning out to be AWESOME!


Conceding goals is never good and late goals become and issue when you haven’t got a comfortable lead.


The results are the important stats - if we pick up wins then conceding isn’t a worry but it’s when they are goals that turn winning situations into draws or decent draws into losses it’s a problem. Sorry for stating the obvious!


that was absolutely brilliant, ok we rode our luck at times, but after 4 games we have won 3 but we have won them against good teams, god help any team that play poor against us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great result against a strong dons side, Only concern is we haven’t kept another clean sheet, there are gonna be games where we don’t score so need to cut these errors out soon, sounded like we were under the cosh after we scored so to score 3 goals and not be at our best is a good sign, 40 points til safety lol uts


Better to get in the habit of keeping clean sheets whilst the going is good though, surely? Not that we’re conceding goals right, left and centre.


You hit the nail on the head, these have all pretty much been against fancied teams


I suppose my point is we’re not conceding too many goals at the wrong times, I agree with you that conceeding is never good however, it seems we are not having it all our way but still churning out results. That is a sign of a good side, regardless.


True. To be fair, Wimbledon have kept three clean sheets this season and now have a minus goal difference!


The last two goals this evening are a testament to our play without the ball, Barnsley could not do what we did three times this evening and they are one of the undisputed favourites for promotion!


Bloody wonderful :joy:


First team to score against them in the league this season. They drew away at Barnsley on Saturday, who are on the same points as us and beat Rochdale 4-0 tonight. Further highlights how good tonight’s result was.


The shithouse of all shithouse wins. Played well for 20 minutes and held on for the rest. Proper team display that.


We seem so strong and organised, and as the commentary mentioned, was Roberts really tested?


So you booking your ticket for the Blackpool game ?:wink:


Not really. Long speculative efforts. The back four look so much more assured this season, which makes his job easier I suppose.

He seemed very vocal and made some good calls to his defence to claim the ball at times and relieve pressure.