AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


I thought it was an excellent performance. We were under the cosh for long periods, but having said that, on another day we could have scored 5 or 6. If the first 25 mins we were all over them, with loads of balls rolling across the box begging for someone to pass it in.


Was that a Boxing Day game? If it was the match I’m thinking of there was about 10000 there as it was a voucher game for an FA cup tie against Man U. One of our strikers (Buckley?) got flattened in the box and a copper by me burst out laughing and said that would have been a foul in Rugby League. No penalty of course.


Yes pretty sure it was Boxing Day '76 or '77.


Yes. It was for a foul by Leahy but the referee played advantage as the Wombles kept possession. It turned out to be good refereeing as they scored!


Yeah he was pulling the guy back by his shirt.


Bit puzzled by the extended highlights on iFollow. We murdered them for the first 25mins, Ferrier was tremendous, yet on the highlights package, none of this is shown, and the first half is Morris’ goal then all Wimbledon. Weird - certainly not the impression I got watching it, we thoroughly deserved to be ahead at the break


It was recorded by ifollow at Wimbledon,so it was probably edited in Wimbledon’s favour.