AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


Watched it on the remarkably good ifollow.

Wasn’t a thing of beauty but any away win is worth its weight in gold.

They had loads of the ball in front of our back four but never really got behind them. Real bodies on the line stuff. Such a shame we can’t quite manage to keep a clean sheet. But if it’s always a last minute consolation I guess it doesn’t matter.

10 points from the first four is beyond all expectations. Well done lads.


41 to go!



Errrrm… 42 I think ? :thinking:


Points, not games :smiley:


If we score more than them I don’t give a ■■■■. Up the saddlers. Up the Cook. Up the Keates. Shows what you can do with your own team.


Just got back in.

What a cracking performance. Although it wasn’t pretty and it was a lot of defending rather than attacking today it showed that we are now back as a unit.

Leahy made a great tackle in the first half to stop one of the AFCW attackers going clean through and his error aside for their goal, he had another assured game.

Morris - great strike, confidence is coming back. I’ll be controversial here and say that he should stay in ahead of Zeli at the moment based on form and confidence.

Back four - solid for the most part

Midfield - Ginnelly did well defensively, covering when Leahy went forward well. Morris as above. Dobson - usual standard class performance again. Osbourne looked a bit tired in all honesty but kept grafting.

Cook and Ferrier - understanding a bit better, still need to learn when to pass to each other though!

Level of ■■■■-boiling for Cook’s goal celebration - 10/10 :joy:


Not long being back…

We were the better side up until our first goal as Wimbledon were just lumping it up and we were winning it every time. As soon as we went ahead though they got it down and caused us problems all game. Not a pretty performance but we dug in and that result will give the lads a different kind of confidence boost. The kind of confidence boost that will give them the belief that even when we’re up against it, we’re still dangerous enough to go on and get ourselves more goals.

Fantastic result, for those staying away… get down to the Bescot… we’re building something special!


Sky highlights for those not in the UK.


Great result , one thing that pleased me was the two centre halves. In the past when teams have bought the likes of Hanson on we have wilted.

Fitz and Guthrie grew stronger winning almost every single header. This team has balls.



Missed the game last night, well done lads, brilliant start to the season :grinning:


Fantastic :slight_smile: cheers


Didn’t get back 'till after midnight. What a great way to spend an evening. It was a great performance from the lads. We were under the cosh for long periods and our defensive tactics seem to be just get bodies in front went they shoot. A booking for Cook for his celebration. If he keeps doing that he’ll keep getting booked so unfortunately it’s going to have to stop. Winds their fans up wonderfully though!
I’m gutted that I’m going to have to miss Rochdale :unamused:
The first 15/20 minutes it was all us and they didn’t know what was hitting them.
As Deano said in the E&S nothing gets won in August and September. There’s a long way to go but I’m buzzing.


Best own goal in ages. I’d say ever but there must be something I’ve missed with more comedy value.


I don’t know, but Charlie ntamark playing for us would take some beating :joy:


Seem to remember Roper scoring an absolute screamer once. It was at home, can’t remember who against. Gave Jimmy no chance.


Was it Blackburn rovers?


Alf Wood at Carlisle. Bullet header from around the penalty spot - cue chants of “Alf Wood - No Good”.


What was the linesman/assistant ref flagging for, just before their goal? Anybody know?:frowning_face:


Shirt pull by Leahy?