AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Am I the only one ■■■■■■■ devesated this hasn’t worked out for Deano? I’d take a point right now even though I don’t think it’s enough. This is depressing


Kinsella named MOM



Would anyone want Ward? certainly not seen much input from him during this mess of a season!
I cannot believe things have got this bad, losing against the bottom club, at home!


Time for Keates to collect his bus fare home.


Surely we could convince him to see us through to the end of the season?


I think we all wanted it to work for Deano, however it soon became clear he wasn’t going to be the Messiah. It has only got worse this season after a bright start. Where would we be without that!?


Bigger question is what happened after that.


Who cares? He’s killed this club. Anything he does is just reactionary bullshine again. This club is dead. Shoestring, unambitious nonsense. Why should anyone give a damn anymore?


Why i was worried when he was appointed because of the risk of it going pear shaped for a saddler’s legend.


Walsall’s 2nd yellow card, 93rd minute … (Dan Scarr)


Face-to-face meeting should be fun.

You have the power now Rob.


Why is Keates in this managerial position in the first place? Football reasons? Nah - money reasons, season tickets being down when Whitney was in charge! So no matter what way you look at this mess, it ALL comes down to Jeffrey Bonser and his idiot board. Mis-management of epic proportions and all about the profit again.

This season has been coming for a long time as many have said; the board, the manager, the stadium - rotten. I was joking when I said a week or two ago we are going to be playing Solihull Moors - its looking very likely! That’s what a progressive board can do…


I’m glad I’ve got memories from Fellows Park before the current regime took over. The club I love no longer exists.


Lost for words.

This club is done in league 1 level.


Solihull away in a league fixture will be fun/surreal at least.


So let’s put it into perspective. Last 11 matches, we have won 1 , drawn 2 and lost 8. 5 points from 11 matches. Over the last 20 matches, we’ve earned 13 points. We’ve signed all these new players and yet the manager doesn’t seem to have a clue who he should be playing. He’s made an utter mess of this and he hasn’t got a clue how to get out of it, appearing ever more desperate. He has to go now, this is surely the final straw. You can moan all you like about budgets and wages, we have the biggest squad I can remember for a long, long time and he had the choice to sign less, but better quality,players and chose not to. What a shambles and what a shame for someone who was a legend as a player.


If Deano had kept the faith with what was going on early season, we would have had enough 6/7 out of ten days to stroll to survival. But he didn’t, he brought in Martin as player coach, chopped and changed personnel and formations - always a risk with players at this level, and then did what he did in January. Irrespective of his legend status as a player, or the deeper problems at the club, what has transpired on the pitch since October is down to him as manager.


That is, unequivocally, the worst result in at least 25 years, in real terms.

I don’t believe this is melodrama when I say we’re unlikely to recover from this for a decade.


I’m sat in a bar in the city (London) with a load of Man Utd fans and cant describe to them how painful tonight’s result is, different worlds. I’m not sure Keates will survive tonight but more importantly I’m not sure we can turn it around this season and division 4 beckons :frowning:


I thought that after the Merson/Broadhurst debacle, but we did bounce back straight away. But, the chances are slim of lightning striking twice.