AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


I honestly thinks its time for keates to depart. He hasnt been an improvement on whitney despite probably spending a fair amount more.

Footballs a different game to when we were relegated back in 2006. I cant see an immediate promotion back to league 1 this time. Ever the pessimist xD


However, there’s always a bright side…he got a fee for Baka!


Yeah we have the biggest squad in ages, all loans, very little cost - I bet one proven quality league one player would cost collectively more than all the loans we have on the books - and of course that would not be sanctioned. I don’t care any more, people can hound out the manager again for all I am starting to care…

This is the chairman, everything comes down from him. Years of pennypinching, awful appointments and any lack of any direction from the top is finally taking the club to to where this chairman’s business model belongs.


Sign of things to come


Appreciate the optimism of “well if we just win the next couple” but that performance tonight showed me everything I needed to see with regards to the direction this football club is heading. We’ve nothing to offer.

We’re gone. We can’t even get at point at home against a team who’s scored 8 goals away all season (9 now). We’re devoid of anything.

Even if by some absolute miracle we stayed up (like a points deduction like Plymouth in 2011, which factually ain’t gonna happen) we’re faced with the same absolute shower of ■■■■ leadership next season, the same meagre, stingy, pathetic budget, the same absolute rot of a board, the same rent cheque going out.

What’s even the point anymore? Seriously? Accrington Stanley have more to look forward to than us and have done for a while. Let that sink in.


At least I got the ‘1’ right.

Devastated (On way home from Victoria Falls)


***, what a crap game. And Dons looked better, better organisation, better game plan, they knew exactly why they are on the pitch. Last team in this league? Impossible to say it after this game. Meeting should be tasty, but soon it can turn to meddling.


In a game between the two worst teams in the league we were the worst. By some considerable margin.

Roberts was my MoTM. Well done to him but kind of tells you everything you need to know.

We’re down.


reminded me of the hibbit years and I think we are a bottom half league 2 team at best

Except in the hibbitt years we had some atmosphere with standing behind the goal. Tonight was so poor the place was dead

Bonser out


Way this season is going he’ll probably score a hat-trick on Saturday.



We are down.

Gut the club from top to bottom.


And that in League 2, ffs.


I live in Solihull- will be dead easy for me. I can’t believe how bad we are. There’s only one man to “thank” for that. Step forward Mr J W Bonser - he’s killed any satisfaction of being a Walsall FC supporter.


I could take defeat even being in a relegation battle. But I can’t take that ■■■■ anymore . Can not string 2 passes together no style of play , no game plan, no passion , no direction , no desire it’s terrible Walk and save the club a few quid.


Whitney spent more than Keates has on one player. They both aren’t the people to turn this club around.

I don’t really know who is.


I’ll be very interested to hear his post-match interview.


“I’ve chosen to step down” please.


Don’t be ridiculous. I think everyone is fairly sure our Cypriot player wasn’t down to Whitney’s scouting network!

The fact is that keates has signed something like 19 players. He could have signed 7 or 8 and we’d be in a far, far better position. He could have just had a playing style and some organisation and we’d have been in a better position. The fact is he’s messed it up hugely to the point where he has no idea what his team or his style should be. He’s devoid of ideas how to change it. He’s culpable for that.


…said no manager ever.


It’ll be look this look that . So uninspiring for fans . How can he motivate players.