Age for first match

I have two kids (2 and 4 years old), been tempted to take them to a match but the Mrs. tells me there too young.

How old were you or your kids when for the first visit to watch Walsall or another professional match?

Mines 3 hasn’t gone yet I have the same question! I really really wanna take him but I know he won’t stay still

Yeah that’s the fear, knowing my 2 year old he’ll try and get on the pitch - the youngest ever supporter to get a stadium ban :rofl:

It’s also worrying that taking a kid with me who may cry, scream, talk all match etc. may impact the enjoyment for others around where we sit.

i was 6 took my kids around the same age.

I was 7, 16th March 2002, beat Barnsley 2-1 :grinning:

I was 5,took mine when 6

My eldest lad made his debut last season and he was 4.

My youngest lad made his debut this season against Hartlepool and he’s 3!

And fans reckon there’s nothing coming through the youth system.

6 or 7

My lad was about 5 for his first game and he didn’t enjoy it tbh . Said it was to noisy ( some how ) :joy:.
He started going regularly in Keates first season. And was even mascot the day he got the sack against Oxford.
He is an amazing kid having seen nothing but failure up until now but still showing so much support for his home town club . I really hope they reward him soon.

I was 7, my 2 nephews’ first game was Palace away when they were 2.

Think it is properly different for each kid depending what they’re like but probably best when they can be interested in the game, probably around 6 as that’s when a lot start playing and can probably start to maintaind interest/attention for 90mins about then.

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I took my son when he was 6 on a cold February day in the pouring rain at Fellows Park.
It was a 0-0 draw and he spent most of the game swinging on the crush barriers .
He hated it and hasn’t been to a football game since.
My daughter went with a friend of hers to a Norwich game when she was 14. Came back and said why hadn’t I taken her. Took her to our next game and she was hooked. She’s now over 40 and comes with me to every game.


You shouldn’t take them to a Saddler’s game before they reach the age of 50 to save them from a life of misplaced hope and dashed dreams. :rofl:


I wouldn’t worry about that, we still have 40 year olds doing it :grin: :wink:


I was told I was at an away game against Coventry in either 1958 (Div. 3 S) or 1959 (Div. 4) when I would have been either 1 or 2 years old, but obviously I don’t remember either. I do remember being at two Div. 2 home games in Autumn 1962 when I was 5. One when we lost 5-1 to Chelsea, and one against Stoke. For the latter one I remember being sat on the wall in the Enclosure literally two feet away from Stanley Matthews as he ran (or probably jogged) up and down the wing.

6 or 7 that I recall, but an oft related legend that I was taken at 3 by my father when a babysitter failed to show.

I was 7 Fellows park Man City 3-3.

My first ever game of football was a Wolves game (my uncle took me) and I was around 5 i’d say. My first ever Walsall game was against Preston in 1997/98 when I was in Year 5.

Last season I got my eldest daughters first season ticket when she was 4 and renewed for this season. She does lose interest in the games, but enjoys the experience as a whole (meeting players etc).

I can’t imagine your parents having trouble finding a babysitter for you…

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I know!

Difficult to imagine. :thinking: Perhaps it was the catalogue of dirty protests. They only finally culminated at the age of 14.