Ageing fanbase

59 been going since Fat Jan was in charge.

55 (just about) - born in 63

First game in 74 (v Blackburn Rovers - lost 1-3 will never forget it!)

Son is an ardent fan and doing my best to turn my Grandson away from Wolves pressure but it ain’t easy with our current plight and his Dad’s constant comparisons to life in the PL :tired_face:

  1. First match at Fellows Park in March 1955

74 in March first game about 1956, now living in Leeds

57 came from clayhanger and my dad and 2 Uncles were saddlers fans.

Born 1990. I’m told my first game was 94.


Born 1964. First took 1965. And gone home and away since

Born 1950, first game Nov 1964, we lost 0-2!

  1. My first game saw the record attendance at Fellows Park. And a win.

What was there not to like?

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54 having made my life debut in 1964. First game LC v Manchester City (0-0) 1973.
I wonder how many people go to their last game knowing it will be their last game…

Bloody hell! That’s a bit deep…
I’m 61 Born '57 in Bilston - moms uncles from Pleck are at fault for this malady, 1st game 1968.


First game was 2-2 with Wycombe on Boxing Day 98. Celebrated my 20th anniversary with the dismal defeat to Bristol Rovers this season.

48 born in 1970. Been going since I was 16.

43 born in 75 first game in 88 vs bristol city play offs

25,453 against Newcastle United, 2nd division (Now the Championship)? :smiley:

71 born January 1948 first game at Fellows park in 1959.

20,450 less than todays average.

How crazy is that :exploding_head::exploding_head:


60 in November :disappointed:
First game around 1966 with my Dad

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72 next week. Watching since 1960.

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26 born 1992 first game vs Macclesfield. Spent all the match talking to the kid next to me about cartoons. Good Times

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