Ageing fanbase


46 Born 1972. Hooked from first away game my dad took me to Meadow lane 3-1 play off win and Kelly’s unforgettable back heel. Just about to give my 3 young kids there Saddlers baptism v Fleetwood. Future Saddlers :crossed_fingers:


39 born 1979 hence my 79 red/green badge profile picture.

  1. Been coming since narrow 1.0 defeat by Spurs, 3rd round Fa Cup 1969 when the great Jimmy Greaves scored a very very late winner and more than 18,000 attended.

  1. Born in 1991.

  1. Born in 1974


60 first game late sixties versus QPR remember Rodney marsh played for them born 1959


Maybe part the problem is that shortly after we moved to Bescot, the Premier League came into being and suddenly all the youngsters could watch more Football than ever on TV and so it was easier for them to start supporting the big teams, the successful teams full of ‘superstars’. Walsall were struggling in the bottom division, had no money - who would want to stand in the cold and watch that when you could watch more entertaining footabll on the TV? I live a few miles from Luton (ahem!). My son, now at Uni, was taken to his first Saddlers match aged about 6. He loved it and unitl he left school he would come with me home and away to about 15 games a season. His friends at shcool all supported Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea etc. rather than our local teams of Luton or Stevenage. But they only ever saw a live match as a birthday treat. They were more interested in watching on TV than going to watch live football each week. I know that isn’t the only issue but just another reason why we may not be able to attract the youngsters. And without revealing my age, my second match was the 1-0 win over Newcastle in 1975 when I was still at junior school.


Born 1956. CowShed at Fellows Park, then Family Stand at Bescot Stadium, then Middle Tier and now Lower Tier. Age 62.


33 born in 85. I was a ball boy at the 8v4 fa cup game against Torquay and was hooked from then…


52 Born June 66 I think first Walsall game was 1975 0-0 against Hereford battle of top scorers the Buck and Dixie McNeil. Went in enclosure or bit on the site mom and dad took a small wooden seat for me to stand on some old bloke was sick on it! Loved it though


Fust match I went to, this bloke was terrifying us
playing for the opposition…any guesses?


An observation; most of those that are pro-Bonser, or at least not Bonser-out, seem to be the older generation of supporter.

I can’t get my head around this at all! These are the people that can remember big attendances at Walsall against some of the giants and have witnessed some of the best atmospheres. They were also around to see our saviour expertly position himself behind the club so he could shaft it for 30+ years.

In his time crowds have haemorrhaged, a relationship with the town & communities has disintegrated, a soulless plastic stadium was built on the cheap, completely devoid of atmosphere. He has set up an events company that overshadows what goes on at the ‘Football Club’ and even called it the Events Venue Birmingham as a final insult! He refuses to listen to the fans that are left and hides behind suited yes-men, both of which have the personality of a dead rat. Success on the pitch was ALL down to 1 mercurial man and without this appointment his tenure could only be considered as a self serving entity running solely for the benefit of him and his family.

Why the hell are some of our fans so ham-fisted when it comes to this man? Please, someone tell me what the ■■■■ this man has done for Walsall that allows him to get away with so much??


Looks a bit like a young Ted Macdougall.


Sorry, when I see question, I’m looking (and often finding) answer. Cliff Holton, Crystal Palace 1964. I know, I know, please skip this post :wink:


40 born in 1978 cant remember the opposition but first game was in 85 the cup games against liverpool in 84 first got me interested in the saddlers and football.former season ticket holder of many years but only go occasionally these days due to other can probably work out why my username is killer 78 was a big fan of his back in the day.


“The previous Saturday (26th August) Walsall had taken an estimated 8,000 fans to Derby to see the Saddlers pull off another great victory, winning by 3-1 at the Baseball Ground. The goalscorers were Ken Hodgkisson just before half time with a 20 yard right foot shot, Bill Younger from a Taylor cross in the 79th minute and finally Colin Taylor with a typical left foot blockbuster after 88 minutes.”

Good times.


The above quote is from this blog.


Well done Michal . It is indeed Cliff Holton, who was playing for Watford when me dad took me to my first match. He scored 96 goals for 'em in 140 games.


Weird. My exact first game too, and I’m the same age!

  1. Born 1966 (great year). Saddler since ever, through one uncle and school mates.