Ajax Amsterdam (H) Thu 19th July, 7.45pm


For our fourth pre-season friendly we welcome the high-flyers of Ajax, coming to us as part of their pre-season tour. Another chance for Dean Keates to experiment with his squad - I wonder whether any last-minute signings might be on show for this one?


Anyone know what sort of team Ajax are putting out for this one? I’ve got a couple of Vile supporting fans who want to go and watch it but it’s not worth missing my Thursday 5-a-side if it’s only the under 21’s.


Experiment? Surely there are only so many ways you can shuffle a threadbare pack? Worrying times, and, if I was Cookie, I would be thinking
“what the hell have I done?”
We all thought, “this year it will be different” what we actually have is a mishmash version of what has gone before, but with a different man at the helm of this seasons disaster.


Jan Sorensen playing for them,


I’d have thought that only an eternal optimist (such as your good self :joy: ) would think that things would be different. What made you think that?

More likely it will take 3-4 years as it did with Smith provided DK is up to it or doesn’t say ■■■■■■■■ to it. All the good work done in the Smith era has gone shitshaped and we start again from the pits of despair.


I’ll be waiting to see what side they field against ■■■■■■ on the afternoon before deciding whether to go to our game or not.


Same. Paying good money to watch an Ajax second string just a few hours after their first team play the Dingles on our own turf would be a monumental p*ss-take.


Seems this one hasn’t quite caught the Saddlers public imagination as they’d hoped. Still tickets available, is a line they keep treading from every social media outlet available to them, even informal ones. They’ll be thousands unsold. Ajax aren’t Real Madrid.

Could we have an even smaller crowd than the 3,500 (halved from last season) against the Villa?

The lazy cash cow friendly fixtures could be well and truly dead.


I’d be absolutely amazed if they expected a sell out? If they did they are delusional.


2 games in one day so if you get 8-9000 in over the duration its good business.


Trust me, I’m going to see Ajax and to look at our new away kit - nothing else!


A load of Dingles there already someone better call pest control


Looks like Ajax’s official YouTube channel are broadcasting a live feed of the game for anyone who can’t make it

Live Stream


Wonder if Daley Blind will get a run out against us? He’s got nothing on Gorgeous George mind. Pukka.


Looks like he’s on the bench against the Dingles.


Got four tickets last week and asked for Upper tier tile choice and they said only opening main stand and lower tier. Chose seats in main
stand but it looked like they had sold hardly any. They did say ■■■■■■ had sold well, they only
planned to open the main stand but that had sold out so they have had to open other areas. Does anyone know if I can get a drink in the main stand?


The last couple of years you’ve had to pay £50 to get a season long pass to be able to drink in the Bonsor Suite. Don’t know if you need a pass for friendly games as I rarely go to them. However, you can normally walk around behind the goal and go in the Bescot bar.


Attendance this afternoon was 3328, Must have been a nice nostalgia trip for the ■■■■■■ fans present - reminding them of their crowds in 1986/7 season.


Just saw on twitter joe masi says there is trialist A B C D E on the team sheet lol who we got know lol!!


Team news : Roberts, Leahy, A. Trialist, B. Trialist, C. Trialist, Ismail, Kinsella, Chambers, Morris, Bakayoko, Cook.

Subs: Dunn, Devlin. Little, Leivesley, Guthrie, Cockerill-Mollet, Dobson, Sangha, Kouhyar, Peters, Parker, Candlin, D. Trialist, E. Trialist