Ajax friendly!

We’re playing Ajax in a friendly.

19th July. Awesome fixture that!

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From their website. Looks like they’ll be bringing two teams.

Ajax plays 2 practice matches during the training camp in England. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC is the opponent on Thursday July 19 at 3 PM (NL time). That same day at 8:45 PM a match against Walsall FC is on the program.

The matches will be played at Bescot Stadium, the home of Walsall FC.

■■■■■■ next season in Premier League
Wolverhampton Wanderes became champion in the Championship last season and secured his promotion to the Premier League. Walsall FC comes out in League One, the 3rd level in England.

Preparation for Champions League
Ajax will stay in England from 14 to 20 July. A week later, the second qualifying UEFA Champions League is on the program.

Provisional training schedule Ajax
June 23rd 15:00 (Noordwijkerhout): VVSB - Ajax

7 July 15:00 hours (Putten): Ajax - Nordsjaelland
7 July 19:00 (Hattem): Ajax - Steaua Bucharest

19 July 15:00 (Walsall): Wolverhampton Wanderers FC - Ajax
19 July 8:45 pm (Walsall): Walsall FC - Ajax

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Still more exciting than the annual fixtures against AV

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Yeah it looks like we’ll be playing a development squad and ■■■■■■ will play the first team. Maybe there will be a mixture, who knows.

7.45pm for us?

Behind closed doors or open to us supporters to watch? No official announcement just yet, but i think we’d get a good crowd if it was for spectators too.

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Would like to see that game havent done a friendly in years fed up of the same old crap lol

Even Ajax Jong is an upgrade on the Villa.

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This is definitely an interesting pre season friendly for once. Surely it will be open to supporters, its not everyday you see walsall play the champions of the Netherlands. Even if its a second team

its offical on club website think will go down to the game :smiley:

Guest of honour?



I presume the 2pm kick off match will be behind closed doors, whilst the 745pm kick off will be open to spectators.

Can’t see the po-po being too happy with a few thousand ■■■■■■ fans milling around Bescot as Walsall fans arrive for the game.

Unless of course that is a typo and the ■■■■■■ friendly will be elsewhere. I’d be surprised if we played 2 games back to back at Bescot…

The ■■■■■■ can play on the astro turf.

Ajax? Hope we play the game with a bit of vim and vigour! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We might get to pick up one of their development youngsters on loan if we give a good account of ourselves.

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Good to see a shake up of the choice of friendly teams, bit boring just seeing AV and baggies repeatedly.

Who managed to sort out the mighty Ajax?

Geoff will be banking on cleaning up with this fixture :hugs:

At last! A friendly that’s interesting for a change. Haven’t bothered with pre-season matches for a good few years - but this one, definitely worth a look.

Obviously, Ajax’s first team will play us in the evening. Nobody has first team games at 2pm on a Thursday afternoon…

Pity I’m flying out of Gatwick on 19th July.