Alfie Bates Departs

He’s no finished he’s only 20.


He looked so good when he first came in. I remember his performance against Darlington in the cup, in particular. He was the only player to come out with credit that day, and almost single-handedly secured us a draw.

But then, subsequently, managers don’t seem to have rated him. He clearly had potential, so why would this be? I guess they see players in training, and out of training, day in and day out, and the fact that he’s not progressed tells me that something is not right. Let’s hope, for his sake, that this move allows him to kick on and fulfill that potential he showed.

Good luck to him.

I do hope we had the sense to include a sell on clause in the package!

Just looked at their squad list. Got Jake Jervis playing for them - links to Luton.

Weren’t we interested in him during Whitney’s reign?

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We agreed a £125,000 fee with Plymouth, he was driving up, Luton matched the offer, he turned around and went to Luton :laughing:


Cracking move for the lad. Good luck, Alfie.

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All the best Alfie .

Broke through showed loads of promise- Matt Taylor obviously backed Perry more and hasn’t worked out this year sure will go on to do good things and fairplay trying it abroad most don’t.

Finlands a beautiful place to sure as a young lad the experience will only benefit him especially if there’s other english ties at the club to settle.

So it looks as if the UK rules on immigration post Brexit prevent us bringing in any players from other countries but not apparently the other way around. It does not affect the top clubs because they bring in top players, who can get visas. But if there was a 20 year old Finn, Walsall would not be allowed to sign him. A strange asymmetry.

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Another loss for the academy.

Had to deal with a very bloated position since coming through, with the likes of Guthrie, Liddle, Sinclair, along with all the others getting in the way. Should have been integrated more over the past couple of years given his talent and the absence/decline of it in those who took those places.


Very disappointing but good luck to him, hope he comes back to England and plays at a decent level.

Bates and Perry both hit the buffers this season (rumours about Perry and Covid which might explain his playing problems) and Phillips became a worse player in his few months with us, and Mayo seems to have gone backwards since signing permanently, and senior players have seriously underperformed for lengthy periods…Mike Flynn has plenty to do to turn us round.

there is also a line that says “subject to international clearance”

Great light on numbers and lose another body.As regards him personally good luck to him obviously he wants to kick a ball he’s young and hungry and he’s currently not getting any game time.Thing is now we’ll go and lose Labadie Kinsella and Earing to injury it’s the way life goes.


Think we’re fine for numbers, even if all 3 of them get injured we would have Perry, Willis and Oss to cover. It’s the quality of the backups that worries me, Perry’s recent upturn in form (such as it is) not withstanding.

Glad for Alfie though. Definitely a footballer in there but he needs minutes and lots of them and that just ain’t on the cards for us ATM.

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Surprising, but all the best Alfie. Sad you didn’t get a proper chance, but that’s life.
And and and, Finland doesn’t have work permits, but residence permits, if I see it correctly. Second seems easier to get.

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen on here :rofl: :joy:

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kiva kun luulet niin!!:joy::joy::joy:

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Perry is the better player saw this coming tbh.

centre back :astonished: hope that’s a language misunderstanding he’s got no height and never played there for us and in the next paragraph says about being a midfielder :joy:

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