All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


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I’m told by a family member of Zeli Ismail’s he has spoken to the club and has made his wage demands and the club are milling over other options first. So sadly going to be out of budget I suspect.

Apparently Nathan Cameron also from Bury who was recently released has had talks with the club but is also talking with Coventry following their promotion so if it’s wages again I suspect he’d be off there.


You said the Club are looking at other options - what has this to do with Zeli’s wages? He may not be Keates’s 1st pick anyway.


Cameron was a monster at the back for Bury a few years back at Bescot when they won 1-0…physically didn’t give Bradshaw an inch all game.

Would be very happy with that as that’s exactly the type of no-nonsense CB Walsall need. Bit of a problem though is he has bad knees so you have to manage him a similar way to Ledley King.


And the phenomenal paul mcgrath :ok_hand:


I say that because from what I was told the club reached out to him first and he made his wages very clear and was then told in response to that they’ll have to look at other options and come back to him accordingly.
Which reading between the lines would be quite clear that the wages are a put off, I also have done financial work with two members of our squad which naturally due to data protection I can’t reveal who they were but needless to say compared to other league one footballers we’ve had come to us they earnt nowhere near as much.


Having signed Ginnelly does this now mean Zeli is a NO


I’d hope not cause we need another winger unless Morris and Ginnelly are playing 50 odd games each next season. Ginnelly will also hopefully be a rotation player competing with Morris, whilst we have a more established winger, like Zeli, on the other side.



Would take him. Was excellent at Crewe. Struggled more at Posh, think he got a bad injury last season. Central midfielder who chips in with goals which is needed.


Is he free?


His family live a few streets away from me here in Whitley Bay, and they’re on my delivery round so I often speak to them. If I see any of the clan over the next couple of days I’ll ask if there’s anything in it.


Ask Mrs Slocombe in electricals and light fittings.


Reckon this is the deal for Zeli?


Wouldn’t be surprised, the agent situation is getting way out of hand.


I would say it was :wink:


It’s good we seemingly will up the ante if required but if a Player starts taking the proverbial, then hes not the sort of Player we want.


Totaly agree, if he was upping the ante after it had been agreed twice then let the ■■■■ go and find somewhere else to ply his trade, with someone who will use him as a squad player.


If the ‘No Nobhead Policy’ still exists within the club, I hope it extends to agents.