All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


Would take Peter Whittingham. Just released by Blackburn Rovers.


It doesn’t state what position Keates is looking at, but I’d like him to still be focussing on the defence personally. Russell Martin would be a great signing and add some experience and leadership qualities.


My guess would be a striker although centre half wouldn’t surprise me.

Imagine if it’s Agbonlahor!:rofl:


What HAS happened to him? he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, is he now a free agent?


Off topic slightly, but does anyone know what has happened to Scott Dann at Palace? I’ve probably missed something, but I don’t buy papers.


Anton Ferdinand is my guess, based on zero inside information!


Recovering from a bad injury in January - ‘cruciate knee ligament and meniscus injury to his anterior cruciate’ according to Roy Hodgson. Ouch.


My guess is a CB…but haven’t a clue who…


Wstfc must surely know who this out of contract player is?


Ouch indeed, thanks for the info!
Looking forward to hearing of a new signing, perhaps before our greatest test this weekend.


What a coup that would be, still only 31!


He’s ■■■■■■■ useless. 2 goals in his last 29 Championship appearances. His rate wouldn’t be much better in this league.


Surely thats a ‘cwuciate knee wigament and meniscus injuwy to his antewior cwuciate’?

Sorry Roy…


Any1 know how close we are to signing this free agent?


Yeah, Dean Keates.


Russell Martin incoming…


What a signing that is if true.


Called it :wink: