All Quiet on the Bescot Front

Once again following another dreadful show from BD’s team, and nothing comes from the club other than the usual post-match assessment to the E&S.
Tells me everything about this club.
So what is there to say?
Where do you start?!!
Worst league position in my lifetime( and I’m 71!). Embarassing lack of quality in the squad. Knackered senior players having to cover for disinterested and substandard others. Fans totally brassed off with club’s half-soaked attitude and acceptance of failure.
For god’s sake, those of you in the boardroom, stop hiding behind the sofa, and show us you care about the future of this club. I ain’t prepared to wait for another Leigh" all’s well "video.
Rant over!!!


They aint going to make a statement every time we lose a game.


What exactly would you like them to say? They do the usual soundbites and fluff pieces whether they win or lose. You want them to issue a statement about the lack of quality in their squad? How bizarre…

Once again it comes to expectations. YOU have decided you want them to announce something YOU want even though theres nothing/they are not ready.
Now you want to kick them and put the boot in for not living up to your arbitrary communication deadline that they weren’t even aware of.


More than last nights Walsall result, some certainty was delivered in that we know we shall be playing in the fourth division of the football league next season.

The fact that it was only after game week 43 that this was certain then it would be fair to say things haven’t gone well. But this certainty brings no risk to the opportunity to begin playing through one of only two scenarios that were possible. Last night gave us the privilege of time. Given the absolute shambles of a season I’d expect every hour to count and like the OP I felt that the certainty last night would have delivered sight of the “we are safe” scenario activity.

Silence suggests that either there is no plan around that scenario, that the plan is an “as we are” plan or that the plan is to move in line with the fixtures and do nothing until May.

I suspect it is the latter which just wastes time. We are in a better position than many clubs in that we have some certainty. It gives us a modicum of advantage. In a game of fine margins we need to use every millimetre circumstances afford us.


One more win and the “give Dutts a chance” posts and the keep half the squad posts will be out.

They know this and so are hoping they can scrape to the end of the season. They’ll then announce that Briab did an excellent job and achieved his goal of keeping us up (even though that wasn’t the goal).

Roll on to next year and Briab Dutt and his Manly Men will continue to ‘achieve’ in another relegation scrap.


As I said on another thread, the more I think about it, the more I think he was given the job on an 18 month contract.


Yeah me too. The way he spoke about wanting the season to hurry up and finish so they can make changes in the playing squad, you just wouldn’t if your chances of getting the job next season were based on how you did this season and you have a record of 2 wins in 17 games.
For anyone who says ‘what else is he supposed to say’ then you’d surely just say nothing.

For all of the rubbish he comes out with, he’s never really spoken about how this season defines his position next season, but he has mentioned loads about sorting the mess out in the summer. He’s staying as manager, I’m convinced of it.


Funny thing is him and Clarke lived together. They built this squad of boys, together! Now he’s gonna sort this mess out. Why didn’t he come out to Clarke and say these boys aren’t good enough? Why aren’t we signing men? The sooner he buggers off to vale the better.

Calmed down a bit from last night was absolutely fuming at that unacceptable and a disgrace to the shirt for me I’d play the kids now we are safe this lot don’t deserve to represent Walsall football club.


Which is why I agree with the “all quiet on the Bescot front” thread.

If even the manager is saying he can’t wait for it to end then we can effectively end it whilst learning some stuff about the deeper and younger roots of the squad. We can execute on the retained list now and allow players to find other clubs or indeed begin learning other trades.

I know I shouldn’t have as Leigh seems to like to take his time but I was expecting something this morning. Something that contained lots of thanks to lots of staff at Walsall FC who would be moving on to find new opportunities.


I wonder if we will still see the likes of Osei-Yawn occupying squad places on Saturday?? Yet alone the other boatload of dross that won’t be here in a few weeks. At least it would add a level of interest seeing a few more youngsters given a shot against a team that could well be as bad as us - academy result just in Walsall 2 Salford 0!!


Perhaps sorry that we are producing such offal on the pitch, (whilst expecting us all to continue to fill their coffers come what may) To explain why a manager has been appointed who is clearly out of his depth, and has taken us from a probable Play Off position to the distinct possibility of dropping out of the Football League.
Just an admission that all is not well and they know it?
From the deafening silence, it would appear, that like owners of the top Premiership clubs, supporters are not important.
They have appointed a young inexperienced D o F and think they are now absolved of all matters concerning OUR football club, well that won’t wash.
Some ‘supporters’ obviously don’t care. They rely on this malaise from the rabble, it suits them, no problems then…


Wouldn’t that be rushing a decision just to make the end of a ■■■■ season seem slightly less ■■■■? We’ve been told that the DoF will now be dealing with recruitment/retainment. He’s been in post less than 10 days. I know it’s unlikely he’ll find a hidden gem among the dross at the end of their term, but it’s his job to try ,and to make an assessment. What’s he really got to gain by rushing into his first real task? It might be that he thinks more young players couldn’t do themselves justice in such poor circumstances.


You unwavering positivity around what goes on around you in relation to Walsall Football club I find unbelievable to be honest. What planet are you on exactly? . Have you read the facts. Worst league position in 71 years and pretty much no hope of any improvement!!!


Hang on, he was moaning a couple of weeks ago?

They wouldn’t have any time left to run the club :joy:


I’d probably be as angry as most of you if we hadn’t just appointed a new director of football to oversee all the football side of things, and we had income for the last 14 months.


The DOF was a chance for a reset. Bring in a name. Give the fans something to look fwd to. Create some excitement. No we get a cheap appointment that no ones heard of. That’s the reality. Ditto the manager. Give the fans some bloody hope. Instead we get hapless Dutton. 2 wins in God knows how many games. There isn’t any positivity. Every decision. Every new initiative is a complete car crash . POMLETT OUT

The honeymoon period for LP is over. Covid or no Covid, being this close to non-league is a disgrace. I, like many others, will not renew Season Tickets to watch a Brian Dutton team. If, god forbid, LP makes him manager for next season, a return of fans to the ground will be toxic IF we don’t get off to a flyer. As LP stated during take-over, “We need to unite the club and supporters to move forward”. Over to you LP and the DoF.

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I understand the calls for Dutton out, but come on Pomlett out get a grip mate. Big name Holloway or Clough then :thinking: big names don’t guarantee success.