All Quiet on the Bescot Front

Branch closed.

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Yes mate, I’m of that age. When young I was an avid train spotter and used to go to the local sheds . This avatar shows a steam train at Grosmont station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway line.

Best trip I ever went on with WRS was a weekend in Scotland, boy did we do some sheds!
A couple of years ago I was gifted a chance to cab Flying Scotsman at Bury East Lancs Railway, even went through the tender tunnel!
Although it was Eastern region crud (of course LMS rules!) it was still an amazing experience.
Have enjoyed many days on the North Yorks Moors Railway! During the close season of course!
Luckily the wife also enjoys seeing preserved steam centres so hoping to do a few more this summer whilst we are all stuck in the UK.

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What is it you enjoy? The nostalgia?

Deffo, we enjoyed the best of years, proper music, most folk in employment, but we also suffered at the hands of Beeching the butcher. I will remember fondly, hours of enjoyment at Noose Lane (Willenhall) level crossing, listening for the bells that meant a train was on it’s way, another grimy Black 5, but absolute heaven. :grinning:

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The nostalgia is OK, but it isn’t what it used to be.


Gold star for that one fella! :star_struck:

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Who in their right mind likes extreme face ache? :joy: :wink:

This worries me greatly especially if he is mentoring any new manager. I think Fullerton could be the worst appointment of the lot.


I remember the coal heaps at the side of Noose lane.