Allen Suspension

Presume it’ll be Saturday, not Tuesday, he’ll sit out?

Wonder who’ll have to play at LB/LWB?

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I believe Riley can play LWB but not sure how long hes out injured. So the only other real option is Bennett or White unless they have someone in the academy or maybe Flynn can sign lwb before saturday.

This might seem a bit random, but I reckon Earing could do a job for a game at LWB.

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Flynn won’t put square pegs in round holes he wants cover expect a signing this week.

It’ll be bennett

Bennett looked decent at LWB against Hartlepool

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Thought Allen played the full 90 minutes at LWB and Bennett came on as RWB in place of White who took.over from Daniels at CB?

My mistake you are quite right. He was on the left as I looked at it but I was behind the goal! :rofl: :blush:

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Mckirdg senf off yesterdag for two yellow cards and is set to miss cup game on Tuesday so same for Taylor Allen,its been reported on newsnow walsalll
So we shoumd be kk for stevenage game

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Allen has been key to our good start


Probably go to a 4 and play Monthe at LB :man_facepalming:t2:

His suspension does mean we’ll probably have to go to a flat pack 4 though.


All sounds a bit IKEA to me.


I hope his suspension doesn’t put the hex on the defence.

Hope it doesn’t screw us.

Hope we don’t fall apart after a bit of pressure mate.

Yep because it’s been sofa so good.

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Flynn has assembled a great team, so no need for any dodgy instructions.

He was quickly becoming part of the furniture

Definitely got his feet under the table.